Trada pay-per-click expert sourcing

Thu 1 April 2010 11:19, Tom Bogaert

Trada ( has recently launched its people AND technology platform. Trada is a very niche vertical platform that brings together webagencies, web specialists and companies/advertisers looking for and offering pay-per-click expertise.

Getting into Trada looks simple: as an advertiser you sign up, create a campaign you’d like to run by some optimizers (pay-per-click experts) and set the goals for the campaign (either cost per click or cost per action). Optimizers can then join the campaign and start creating keywords, ad groups, and use their expertise to meet these goals. So far the people platform.

The technology will make sure that these Bing, Yahoo or Google campaigns are being delivered at the targeted media platforms. The advertiser still has a review possibility before the campaigns go live. Apparently, several optimizers (up to 25) can work on the same campaign (but I guess not on the same keywords?). They call it crowd sourcing, but expert sourcing might be a more exact term, since experts need to prove their expertise before being allowed to the system.

Optimizers only get paid when they meet your goals. They keep the difference between the actual and the targeted generated cost. And Trada is taking a revenue cut of what the optimizers are earning. Trada raised $2.2 million funding for making this work.

First thing I thought when I first took a look at the idea: this is affiliate marketing for search. With the pros and cons of it for free. The most problematic issue is the terms of commitment for both parties. Can advertisers change the targets at any time, can the optimizers leave at any time? When there is no commitment from both sides, I strongly believe any search project is doomed to failure.

Trada definetly empowers advertisers. They can test a campaign, in a very cheap no-cure-no-pay way, upgrade business knowledge and have access to ppc expertise. They can even run their own ppc campaigns alongside this and use the info gathered from Trada. It is another channel that can add complexity to the total digital marketing mix, but it is definitely one worth exploring since this is a unique idea in the ppc-world.

Trada took of going ‘live’ in the stealth mode. They built the platform but didn’t go public with it. Instead they’ve been working for 18 months with a number of test users and advertisers. Not something I’d recommend to European startups because we’d probably have it harder to find a decent number of testusers/advertisers and that kind of funding.

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