Article marketing versus PPC marketing

Fri 19 February 2010 20:45, Stijn De Meyere

Article marketing versus PPC marketing

Content and article marketing are highly popular method for beginner marketers to gain traffic. Despite occasional disdain from experienced PPC marketers, it is also a great long-term traffic generation method for experienced marketers and search engine experts. Offering 100% free traffic, contextual and buy-ready search placement, and the potential to prime a prospect for a sale before they even see your product landing page, it is no wonder that more marketers are investing on content marketing for their campaigns.

However, there is a value question that is often raised -- is article marketing more cost-effective than a highly optimized PPC (pay-per-click) marketing campaign.

The obvious answer, that article marketing is free no matter what doesn't quite cover things in this circumstance. While article marketing is completely free, it is often let down by the lack of growth potential that PPC marketing and other per-visit based marketing methods have access to.

A major reason for marketers to invest in content marketing is its cost: $0. When engineered through search engine results, traffic is absolutely free and marketing an offer costs only the administrative and hardware fees.

However, it is not particularly efficient. When there is money to spend, more effective marketing methods pop up overnight. For most article marketers, however, that is far from the point. Article marketing is a zero-cost marketing method, perfect for marketers that either do not have or cannot risk their startup capital.

Article marketing gives marketers an immediate head start on their competitors, especially competing web presences that use their own hosting and content platform.

The vast majority of article directories are adored by Google, Yahoo, and MSN, giving article marketers an instant advanced in the search engine results. Watch out for too much duplicate content if you use article marketing, pick the best platforms (your own blog, other blogs, article marketing sites, even social bookmarking) but most of all: have a strategy.

So, is it article marketing versus PPC? Of course not, it’s never black or white. I guess, it’s like SEO and SEA: combining both gives the best results…

What do you think?

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Comments (3)


  • Hi Stijn,

    Looks like you're minimizing the 'administrative' cost of producing good, content & copy.

    largely depends on the purpose of the article, the volume & viral potential. And mostly, good articles have more value potential then just a ppc-click, unless you're looking for a direct conversion.

    so, it depends, but I wouldn't call it zero cost marketing.

    Vr 19 feb 2010, 22:23

    • Stijn

    Hi Tom, you're completely right about that. In fact, at a given point I was thinking about adding that producing relevant content and using it for traffic purposes of course has a cost, be it an indirect one: time and efforts. Good point, glad we agree, stay tuned for more ;)

    Za 20 feb 2010, 12:25

  • Content and article marketing is the best way. "combining both gives the best results" thank you for the advice.

    Wo 19 okt 2016, 14:09


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