Google Testing New AdWords Ads

Fri 27 November 2009 15:32, Jeffrey Bleijendaal

Google Testing New AdWords Ads

While we're moving towards the most important season of the year for the online retailers, Google is testing a couple of new ad formats. I've seen a few of them in Holland already, but most of the tests are done in the US. Is it a coincidence or is Google testing the new formats deliberately around this time of year? The search volumes will increase exponential towards the Christmas season and that means they're getting more relevant test results. Smart thinking!

Let's have a look at (some of) the new ad formats.

Google has changed a lot of things the last couple of years if we look at a search engine result page (SERP). In stead of just text links we see videos, images and result types. We saw these type of results only in the organic part of the SERP. What Google is doing now is including the text ads with additional 'information' with the goal to make the ads even more relevant then they (most of the time) already are.

For example, if you're looking for the new Disney Movie "A Christmas Carol" you can see a regular text ad, but also a video of the movie trailer.


When you're looking for the address and location of a store...


or a chain store...


I already mentioned the Christmas season that's coming up and therefor the probable increase in search volume. Many people will use Google to search for a nice present and will probably buy it online. Google wants to profit from this by making the ads more relevant like the picture below.


Profit you might say? Well yeah, because when advertisers see they're getting more sales from AdWords they will keep spending more money on it.

Google even started the service "Comparison Ads". Users can specify exactly what they're looking for and get's a list of companies who offer that particular product and against which price.


Very convenient for advertisers, Google and, most important, the Google-users. Because as long as Google keeps improving their results on the SERP they keep a keen eye on their core principle: "Getting the right ad to the right person at the right time".

The new ad formats look very promising and we're looking forward to getting these ads to Holland and start testing with them.

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