Awesome PPC Tactics

Tue 6 October 2009 10:00, Jaap Jacobs

Awesome PPC Tactics

Wouldn’t we all like to hear some tactics which helps to increase our PPC ROI? During the “Amazing PPC Tactics” session at SMX East we are waiting to hear some new ideas and thoughts about PPC marketing. I have gathered the most easy and useful tips and tricks to start and work with.

Develop geo-targeted campaigns
According to Brad Geddes you should target on different cities and write relevant ad texts. Look at different cultures. It could make a huge difference in results. It will show different CTR, conversion rates, bounce rates and so forth. You would properly like to create a campaign and target it in a region which shows results that are good and you would like to improve.

Improve your Keyword insertion
Most marketers are used to work with keyword insertion, but forget they could implement it in multiple ways.  Work and test with capitals to create appealing texts. You could use {keyWORD:smx ny} which turns in to “smx NY” when searching for the keyword “smx ny”. With keyword insertion you are also able to increase the amount of characters of your headline up to 28 characters. Funnily I had been the first in the Netherlands which found out to create texts with 28 characters.

Yahoo is different
At Yahoo, quality score, named Quality Index, works different. According to Dan Soha your quality will be based up on your ad groups. You want to improve you Quality Index? Combine your keywords into ad groups with highly relevant ad texts.

Look at the content network
David Szetela says your advertising costs will be way lower within the content network, but for most advertisers the Google content network has not been always successful. That is because the ads where not relevant to the content and they did not distract attention.

You have to imagine that contextual ads is not search. Readers are not searching for you. Think of this when you write your ad texts. That is why you should never run search and content campaigns into the same campaign. It works different. On a keyword leverage you would even like to use different keywords. Google will use your keywords in order to create a match and decided on which sites your ads will disappear. Use keywords that are commonly used on the sites you would like to target.

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Comments (2)


  • The keyword insertion tactic to get up to 28 characters is a neat little trick, might try that out myself some time.

    In my experience the most powerful PPC tactic isn't about keywords, targeting, or ad copy, but about connecting click value to your PPC bids.

    With end-to-end tracking of clicks to conversions, and a proper understanding of your business's customer lifecycle, you can attach a value to keywords or ad groups and use that data to optimise your bid management so that every click earns you money, either in short term conversions or over the longer term of a customer's lifecycle.

    Di 6 okt 2009, 10:59

  • Develop geo targeted campaigns is a good idea to for goal oriented results.
    I give 4 point out of 5.

    Wo 7 okt 2009, 09:15


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