Bing up in US but down in Europe because of Seznam

Fri 7 August 2009 09:02, Bas van den Beld

Bing up in US but down in Europe because of Seznam

Internet monitoring company StatCounter this week displayed results showing that Bing saw again an increase of market share in the US. With a market share of 9,41% in July they were up 1,18% compared to a month earlier.

In Europe however Statcounter is giving us some very different Bing-numbers. With a market share of 1,52% they are down, only a little (0,04%), but down. The numbers also show that Google is losing market share, even a bigger percentage then Bing, they lose 1% but are still market leader by far with 93,15%.

In Europe Statcounter provides these numbers when it comes to market shares in July 2009:

Google: 93,15% (-1%)
Yahoo: 2,06% (+0,1%)
Bing: 1,52% (-0,04%)
Seznam: 1,27%
Yandex: 0,73% (-0,02%)
Ask: 0,41%
Other: 1,27% (+0,1%)

The loss in market share is remarkable but is mainly caused by a huge gaining of market share by a 'local' search engine: Seznam. This Czech search engine now has a market share of 1,27%. The share is mainly caused by the large amount of Czech users. In Czech Seznam is the biggest search engine with a market share of 57,28%, where Google only sees a share of 42%. This is a huge difference with the month of June when Google was the biggest in Czech with 62,75%, while Seznam only had 35,91%.

The reason for this remarkable growth is not clear, so it is not clear either if we should 'believe' the numbers Statcounter is giving us.

The numbers do suggest that compared to Google Bing is also gaining market share in Europe. This is remarkable because Bing in most countries still uses the 'old' Live Search and doesn't have the features the US does. Only in the UK users get more functionalities. That doesn't really show in the user statistics so far, only a growth of 0,01%. Though in the UK Google is losing slightly, 0,28%.

In other countries Bing's growth is minor as well, 0,12% in Germany, no growth in France and even a small decline (0,05%) in the Netherlands.

The Google dominance stays big in Europe, but July was a month with some movement in the market. Though the movement was minor.

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Comments (4)


  • Personally I don't think we should take these numbers for granted.

    First I find it hard to believe that Seznam is bigger than Yandex.

    And the fact that Google and Seznam switched with tens of percent points in just a month is also not realistic.

    But unarguably Google is by far the most dominant search engine in Europe.

    Za 8 aug 2009, 17:08

    • Anculik

    I like the article however it is lacking some very important insights. Seznam is main search engine for internet users in CZ. However Seznam was using Google technology for non Czech/local search until this july and they have switched to Bing. So if the user wants to search for Czech content the search engine used is Seznam. If you choose to search for non Czech content Seznam uses Bing (was using Google before 07/2009). Hope this clears the confusion a bit.

    Ma 10 aug 2009, 10:59

  • Hi Anculik. Thanks for that information, that does give some new insights in the growth numbers. AND it does make you think, how big is Bing really?

    Ma 10 aug 2009, 11:06

    • hao love

    Za 19 sep 2015, 15:43


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