Comscore numbers: Google's dominance will not be affected

Fri 31 July 2009 11:13, Editors

Though Microsoft and Yahoo join forces trying to get more share of the search market, they probably shouldn't get their hopes up when it comes to beating Google, especcially not in Europe.

Comscore is now showing us numbers which will make Microsoft and Yahoo very modest when it comes to market share. Where in the US Google takes up 60% of the searches, in most European countries Google gets over 80%.

Comscore numbers: Google's dominance will not be affected

Off course these numbers aren't news for us Europeans. The Americans however will be looking differently at these numbers and are still 'surprised'.

Comscore's numbers show Google is dominant in every country but that in Turkey they are the strongest with a market share of over 90%. The "over 90%" number can also be found in other parts of Europe though, but the Comscore numbers don't show these.

Comscore looked at the 'bigger' European countries. In Germany Google has a little over 80% market share, while France and the UK stay just below the 80% line and Italy gets close to 90%.


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  • I do not think that you can conclude that "Google's dominance will not be affected" based on current dominance. Thats what competition is all about!

    And with the new Yahoo/Bing Google DO in fact have a much stronger competitor. How that will then play out only time will tell - NOT the current data! :)

    Vr 31 jul 2009, 11:53

  • Hi Mikkel, I agree with what you are saying. However, with an advantage this big and thus a dominance this big it will be difficult for ANY competitor to affect that dominance.

    If the difference would be 10 or 20% maybe, but with 80 to 90% market share in some countries it will be a huge job for MicroHoo to affect the dominance. Never say never, but it won't be easy.

    Especially if they keep on waiting to roll out all the Bing-features to Europe...

    Vr 31 jul 2009, 12:29

  • In year 2000 Jubii had a similar dominance in the Danish market, and in other markets AV had a similar dominance. Where is that today? Gone! :)

    I can, and it WILL happen again. I will bet you a million dollars on that. It may not be with Yahoo/Bing but NO company have ever managed to stay dominant forever. :)

    Vr 31 jul 2009, 12:32

  • I don't have that kind of money so the bets off ;). But I do hope you're right. And I get what you're saying. But as said before: the only one who can kill Google is Google itself.

    And with this big a dominance they would really have to screw up big time :). But then again, as you said, things can go pretty fast.

    I'm not sure though Google needs to be 'killed' or has to be 'gone', I think just a bit more competition would be good. I believe even Google would agree on that one ;)

    Vr 31 jul 2009, 12:35

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    Za 8 aug 2009, 11:36


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