Indonesia's Largest Community: Kaskus

Wed 9 March 2011 16:33, Vitto Christaldi

Indonesia's Largest Community: Kaskus

If you read my last article, you probably remember KasPay, the online payment system made by Kaskus. So what is Kaskus and what is so special about it? Let's take a look!

Kaskus comes from the abbreviation of "Kasak Kusuk” (means “chit-chat”), founded by Andrew Darwis and two other Indonesian students on November 6th, 2000, when they were still studying in Seattle. Since then, it has become the largest internet community forum in Indonesia. In 2006, Kaskus had to change its domain from .com to .us because a computer virus called “Brontok” was attacking Indonesian sites. So if you think it is an American site, it is not!

As their tag line “The Largest Indonesian Community” states, Kaskus has more than 2,5 million users. According to, Kaskus gets 833.606 daily unique visitors with 19.089.573 daily page views. With 2,5 million “Kaskusers” (Kaskus users) browsing around, no wonder Kaskus is targeting  Rp. 48 billion (± € 4,5 million) revenue for this year from advertising, 300% higher from last year's revenue: Rp. 16 billion (± € 1,5 million) (source: Indonesia Finance Today)

Everyone can join this forum, with a minimum age of 13. Just like other forum sites, Kaskus offers the users all kinds of information; from news and gossips, solutions, social events, interests and hobbies (from common to special interests, for example: supernatural and anime/manga), and advertising.  Users who live abroad also have their own sub-forum called “Regional”, where users can share their information and interests with users in the same regions (Asia, Australia, Europe, USA, and other regions)


Forum Jual/Beli” (Sell/Buy Forum), or usually be called “FJB”, is the most popular sub-forum in Kaskus. In this sub-forum, Kaskusers can buy or sell anything, from T-Shirts which cost only Rp.50.000 (± € 4,5) to land certificates worth Rp. 260 billion (± € 23,4 million). The categories that they have in this advertising sub-forum are almost as same as the Dutch advertising site,; from gadgets, electronics, automotives, properties, etc. 

According to an interview with Andrew Darwis, the transactions in FJB are pretty high. Every month, there are approximately 800.000 listings coming up and each listing has transaction around Rp.50.000 until Rp.100.000 (± € 4,5 –  € 9). That means the total amount of transactions in FJB every month is more than Rp.40 billion (± € 3,6 million)!

FJB is the most popular advertising site (forum) in Indonesia. Indeed, FJB might not be a real store-based site, but the buyers and sellers in this forum feel safe on doing transactions because of KasPay . The administrator of Kaskus guaranteed the safety of transactions. (source: Tempo Interaktif)

In 2004, Kaskus launched their own internet radio network called “KaskusRadio” (very predictable name, isn’t it?). It offers a non-stop music (mostly Indonesian songs) for Indonesian listeners all over the world.

To end this article, I will give you some trivia about Kaskus terms.


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