Dutch SME's increasing search budget to € 250 mln in 2010

Mon 11 January 2010 09:00, Dennis Sievers

Dutch SME's increasing search budget to € 250 mln in 2010

Study shows: Dutch SME’s increasing search budget to over € 250 million in 2010

If you deal with customers in the Netherlands, or have plans to enter the Dutch market short term, then read on. A study, recently done by Indenty, a Dutch search marketing firm, shows that Dutch small and medium enterprises (SME’s) are able to increase search budgets much more than expected. The financial crisis is still not over and while a lot of companies need to pay close attention to their spending, search marketing is still very much on their radar. As a matter of fact, the Dutch SME’s total spending on search will increase from € 153 million euro’s in 2009 to over € 250 million euro’s in 2010.


Spending up to € 5.300 by 50% of Dutch SME’s in 2010

Last year Dutch SME’s had an average search budget of € 4.800. Although this is already more than expected, this yearly search budget will go up to an average of € 5.300 in 2010. This is an increase of almost 10%. In 2009, that budget was being spent by one-third of all Dutch SME’s that have a website. In 2010, nearly 50% of this group will be starting with or doing search marketing.

Missing knowledge on search biggest obstruction

One of the biggest reasons why companies haven’t started doing search marketing yet, is because they don’t know much or anything about it. They don’t feel comfortable spending money on something they don’t know, or just where clueless where to start. Next to that, many companies still use their website as an informational unit only, instead of branding it and use it as a marketing tool.

Expected growth of € 100 million in search spending

As said, Dutch small and medium enterprises have spent a total of € 153 million euro’s on search in 2009 and will be spending up to € 250 million euro’s on search in 2010. That’s an expected growth of nearly € 100 million euro’s, and proves that the search market in the Netherlands is still growing in pace.

Information about the study

The goal of this study was to gather insights and data on the search marketing landscape of Dutch SME’s, while other studies always focus on the top notch industry in Holland only. Over 415 out of 40.000 invited companies took the time to fill in the questionnaire.

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