In 2009 kids were searching for YouTube social media and sex

Wed 23 December 2009 09:00, Bas van den Beld

In 2009 kids were searching for YouTube social media and sex

Halfway through 2009 Symantec looked at what kids were searching for in the first part of the year. It then turned out that YouTube, Google and Facebook were searched for more than sex, which was the fourth most searched for topic. Symantec did the same research at the end of the year. The top three hasn't changed. Behind that we do see some minor changes.

The falling popularity of MySpace for example can also be seen in the way kids search. Where in August MySpace was the fourth most searched for topic they now dropped to number 8.

The list doesn't show very many surprises compared to August, though the high placement of terms like Sex and Porn might surprise some people. Keep in mind though that kids are also teenagers from 16 or 17.

Kids turn out to spent most of their time not searching for those items but for music related topics (30%) for TV/movie related topics (12%).

When it comes to celebrities kids were searching most for Michael Jackson, followed by Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Lil Wayne, Megan Fox, Eminem, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Black Eyed Peas, Jonas Brothers, Rihanna, and Chris Brown.

Symantec also looked at the differences between boys and girls. Boys seem more interested in sex than girls with Sex & Porn on place 4 and 5, where girls have sex on place 5 with porn on 24. Boys’ top 25 search terms were mainly comprised of social networking sites, various websites, shopping sites, inappropriate terms, and games. Girls’ top 25 search terms were main comprised of social networking sites, as well as music and entertainment/celebrity terms.

The entire top 100:

1.    YouTube
2.    Google
3.    Facebook
4.    Sex
5.    Porn
7.    Yahoo
8.    MySpace
9.    eBay
10.    You Tube
11.    Wikipedia
12.    Michael Jackson
13.    Taylor Swift
14.    Gmail
15.    Party in the USA
16.    Miley Cyrus
17.    Club Penguin
18.    Miniclip
19.    Fred
20.    Games
21.    Facebook login
23.    Hotmail
24.    Lady Gaga
25.    Amazon
26.    Yahoo Mail
27.    Justin Bieber
28.    Addicting games
30.    Webkinz
32.    Boobs
33.    MSN
34.    Hannah Montana
35.    Dictionary
36.    Walmart
37.    Selena Gomez
40.    New Moon
41.    Runescape
42.    Lil Wayne
43.    Google Maps
44.    Down
45.    Google Earth
46.    Norton Safety Minder
47.    Mapquest
48.    Boom Boom Pow
49.    Craigslist
50.    Twilight
51.    Megan Fox
52.    Sesame Street
53.    Poptropica
54.    Target
55.    Eminem
56.    Music
57.    Fireflies
58.    Disney Channel
59.    You Belong With Me
60.    Utube
61.    Weather
62.    iTunes
63.    Beyonce
64.    Pokemon
65.    Britney Spears
66.    Twitter
68.    Demi Lovato
69.    Funny
70.    Black Eyed Peas
71.    One time
72.    Cartoon Network
73.    Jonas Brothers
74.    Halo
76.    Watcha Say
77.    Family Guy
78.    Taylor Swift You Belong With Me
79.    Best Buy
80.    Taylor Lautner
81.    Rihanna
82.    Pussy
84.    Lego
85.    Gummy Bear Song
86.    Thriller
87.    You’re a jerk
88.    Nigahiga
89.    Girls
90.    Free online games
91.    New Moon trailer
92.    Translator
93.    Disney
95.    Paparazzi Lady Gaga
96.    Poker Face
97.    Chris Brown
98.    iPod Touch
99.    Photbucket
100.  Bing

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