In Holland 2-year olds are online

Wed 28 October 2009 11:01, Bas van den Beld

In Holland 2-year olds are online

In Holland two year olds are online, and active, that is what a research, performed amongst two to 19 year olds shows us. The research, which looks at all different aspects of life, has some interesting results in it when it comes to online behavior.

Qrius researches the Dutch youth every two years. This year they found that all youngsters are online at least once a week. The 15 to 19 year old kids are online a lot: an average of 100 minutes a day. Google, MSN and Hyves are popular, Twitter isn't.

Kids are watching less television and looking more and more tv online. 24 percent of youngsters between 15 and 19 use YouTube to watch single episodes of tv-shows.


The research also looked at the most popular websites amongst the youngsters. Not surprisingly both the social network Hyves and Google are popular. More surprising however is the popularity of MSN. This service is popular amongst every group:

Age 10-11:
1) Hyves (41%)
2) MSN (29%)
3) Google (27%)
4) YouTube (21%)
5) Spele (15%).

Age 12-14:
1) MSN (57%)
2) Hyves (55%)
3) Google (46%)
4) YouTube (40%)
5) Wikipedia (19%).

Age 15-19:
1) MSN (65%)
2) Hyves (65%)
3) Google (64%)
4) YouTube (42%)
5) Wikipedia (19%)

The kids are using social media a lot. A third of the 8 year olds for example already has a Hyves-account with over 50 friend connections. When they start reading they usually also start using Hyves, which is also used for playing games.

Also, the research paper also says the youngsters are not using Twitter. Only 2 percent in the 12-14 year old group and 4% in the 15-19 year old group. One respondent even said: "Twitter? Thats for politicians, not for me".

Finally, it doesn't matter where and how the kids are online: on their pc or mobile, they are using it all.

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