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Searchcowboys weekly show on

Every Tuesday night Bas and Roy 'saddle up' to do the radioshow "Searchcowboys". In this show they talk about what's going on in search, social media and more.

The show can be listened to live every Tuesday at 8PM CET / 7PM GMT. Be sure to check into the chatroom when you are listening live and join into the conversation!

Here you can find all the past episodes and links to the shownotes of these episodes. Any suggestions? Mail them to us or twitter us: @chapter42 for Roy and @basvandenbeld for Bas or @searchcowboys for us in general ;)

On this page you can find all the podcasts we made for Webmasterradio. You can listen to them here or download them. And we can also be found on iTunes! So subscribe to us there!

Episode 11: "Google Turn by Turn & social"

A lot of Google this week with Google turn by Turn navigation, Social Search and prosecutions against Google.

Read the shownotes here

Episode 10: "New Google Analytics features"

Bas and Roy had a great tenth episode in which off course the Google and Bing deals with Twitter were discussed and Will Critchlow came in to talk about the new Google Analytics features.


Read the shownotes here

Episode 9: "A4U Expo & Twitter - Bing"

After a week full of A4UExpo Bas and Roy sat down and talked about the Expo, Pagerank, Twitter and much more.


Read the shownotes here

Episode 8: "Bloggers paying for videos, Wave & more"

Roy returned after his 'maternity-break' to the show to discuss several topics with Bas. Both got a Google Wave invite and off course Google Wave was discussed. But there was much more!

They also discussed how bloggers might have to pay for embedding videos, layar and many other topics.


Read the shownotes here

Listen here to show number eight

Episode 7: "Paid & organic research, Wave & Myers"

Bas is joined by Lisa Ditlefsen-Myers, Bio Director of Verve Search and SEO Chick extraordinaire, and Jon Myers, Head of Search for MediaVest. They discuss Google Wave, conference appearances, television being passed by by online advertising.

They also discuss the results of a research study from dutch company First Focus and ValueWait that found out 45 percent of those who use Google cannot see the difference between what is a paid and what is an organic result.


Read the shownotes here

Listen here to show number seven


Episode 6: "Publish your Google doc? Beware of indexing"

As Google starts indexing their Google docs. Bas and Roy discuss how that could be useful and how it will work. Will it be a linkbuilding tool or will it be nofollow? Also Bas and Roy discuss what events to go to this fall.


Read the shownotes here

Listen here to show number six


Episode 5: "E-Day, Adobe/Omniture and Google"

In this episode Bas talked about the conference he attended that day, E-Day, and we talked about lots of new Google-features and the buying of Omniture by Adobe.


Read the shownotes here

Listen here to show number five


Episode 4: "a4uexpo London 2009 Preview"

In this episode we were joined by Matthew Wood of A4UExpo. He talked with us about the news, the affiliate business and off course A4UExpo.


Read the shownotes here

Listen here to show number four


Episode 3: "Searching More with Google"

In the third episode a lot of topics came by. We talked about lots of Google stuff but also about how SEO's are doing their jobs. And finally a lot of numbers.


Read the shownotes here

Listen here to show number three


Episode 2: "Twitter Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability"

In this episode Dave Naylor was our guest on the show. We talked to Dave about a big hole he found in the Twitter security. Off course we also talked about a lot of other things!


Read the shownotes here

Listen here to show number two


Episode 1: "Bring Bing to Holland"

In our very first show we were off course very excited (and a little bit tense). We discussed the posibilities of Bing and a lot of search news from around Europe.


Read the shownotes here

Listen here to show number one


Our preview show

One week before the 'official launch' of the radio show we did a little preview-show. We discussed, amongst others, real time search and Google caffeine.

Read the shownotes here

Listen here to our preview show

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