Searchcowboys goes Webmasterradio!

Mon 6 July 2009 09:07, Editors

Searchcowboys goes Webmasterradio!

Every month Searchcowboys presents you with a couple of podcasts you can download from our website or through i-tunes. These shows are pre-recorded and, to be honest, need some 'work' on the production side. But we are now very proud to announce that we have found our production team:

Searchcowboys will be starting a weekly show soon on!

Every Thursday at 7 o'clock CEST (Amsterdam time), which is 6 o'clock GMT (London time) Bas van den Beld and Roy Huiskes will be hosting a LIVE show in which they will discuss what's going on in the world of search with a special look at Europe.

The way we cover Europe will also be the way we will be doing our show: with that little bit of extra European flavor. All live! Off course if you've missed it you can still download the podcasts through i-tunes or other channels. In the show Bas and Roy will be joined by regular 'guests' like Eduard Blacquière, Lisa D Myers and other well known search marketers.

Webmasterradio also hosts shows like Strikepoint (With Dave Naylor and Mikkel deMib Svendsen), SEO Rockstars with Daron Babin and Webmasters on the Roof with Marcus Tandler. At the same time we launch, Joost de Valk launches his show about Wordpress topics. A great combination for you!

Be sure to tune in every week. The exact launch date of the first show will be announced soon here on Searchcowboys but will be around SES San Jose.

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  • Way to go Search Cowboys!

    Ma 6 jul 2009, 10:07

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