Shownotes Searchcowboys on Webmasterradio - episode 17

Wed 16 December 2009 11:00, Roy Huiskes

Shownotes Searchcowboys on Webmasterradio - episode 17

The Searchcowboys show this week saw a line up which has been together more than once. After Bas's trip to France last week Bas and Roy were joined by Dutch SEO Eduard Blacquiere. The show had a good crowd in the chatroom and was a very interactive show.

Did you miss the live show? No worries, you can listen to the podcast below or at webmasterradio or download it. The shownotes are below. We are now also to be found on iTunes! So subscribe to our podcast and you'll never miss one again. The shownotes are below.

Listen to the show here

Shownotes Episode 17 - December 15th 2009

1st part:

LeWeb Paris: Marissa Mayer
Bas went to Paris last week to visit LeWeb. One of the 'speakers' there was Marissa Mayer who talked to Michael Arrington. Bas reports. We also talked about Marissa Mayer. We weren't sure if she was married or not. Turns out she married this weekend!


2nd part:

Realtime search the dangers & changes
Realtime search is here. Everybody is talking about it, but what does it really mean? There are a couple of dangers to the realtime search, as well as the personalized search. On the other hand, it could change the way we work with search.


Eric Schmidt's privacy statement
Eric Schmidt is Google's CEO. He believes privacy is not that big of a deal. If you have something to hide that's your problem, not Google's. (This can go short, in combination with previous one)


3rd part:

Yandex using Bing ads
A Question came from the chatroom about what the host thought about the Yandex-Bing partnership where Yandex will be providing the ads on the Russian Bing. It was discussed in short.


Google Commerce Search
Also from the chatroom came the question what the thoughts were on Google Commerce Search. This is used mainly in the US and in the UK. Therefore not very much a topic in the rest of Europe, but the three guys talked about it anyway.


SEO changing? Universal enters Google suggest, Realtime, personalized etc
Google has changed a lot over the past weeks. realtime, personal and some of the Google suggest features. You can now for example get universal results suggested when you type in your query.


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