Shownotes Searchcowboys on Webmasterradio - episode 12

Fri 6 November 2009 11:00, Roy Huiskes

Shownotes Searchcowboys on Webmasterradio - episode 12

Episode 12 had a slightly sick Bas on the show, but that didn't stop the guys from talking like they always do. They discussed several topics from the Google Dashboard to Twitter lists.

Did you miss the live show? No worries, you can listen to the podcast below or at webmasterradio or download it. The shownotes are below. We are now also to be found on iTunes! So subscribe to our podcast and you'll never miss one again. The shownotes are below.

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Shownotes Episode 12 - November 5th 2009

1st section:

Google Dashboard
Google today announced Google Dashboard. The words "Transparency, choice and control — now complete with a Dashboard!" imply big things. It's however 'just' an overview of your Google accounts


Netsociety joins forces with Bigmouthmedia
Dutch company Netsociety joins forces with Bigmoutmedia

2nd section:

Where is Argleton?
Google placed a town called Argleton in Google Maps. This town however doesn't exist. How can that happen?


Twitter lists
Twitter introduced Twitter lists in which you can make specific lists of people you follow to let other people follow that list. Is it useful? What can this mean for SEO? How does it work?

3rd part:

Turkish government wants 32 million from Google
The Turkish government claims it has to get 32 million euros from Google for taxes Google never paid. Google uses the Ireland-route, but is that legal?


Geocities becomes Reocities
Last week Geocities closed its doors for good. You can no longer use Geocities. Dutch developer Jacques Mattheij couldn't accept that. So he started copying and scraping Geocities. Within ten days he copied most of Geocities' content and replaced them on Reocities.


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