3 Easy Steps To Ruin A Great Blog

Mon 10 May 2010, Barry Adams


3 Easy Steps To Ruin A Great Blog
It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build a strong group blog. You need to establish a brand, build a team of knowledgeable bloggers, create quality content,...... read more

The Importance Of Viral Marketing

Fri 30 Apr 2010, Susie Hood


The Importance Of Viral Marketing
Simon, an SEO Programmer at SEO Consult, shares his thoughts on what we can learn from Apple and their marketing strategies. Apple has been the forefront of technolog...... read more

5 Why Reasons Your SEO Campaign ...

Thu 22 Apr 2010, Susie Hood


Dan, Senior SEO Programmer at SEO Consult, shares his thoughts on why many search engine optimisation campaigns don't bring the success that they should. 1. Unrealistic targets.Unrealistic targets are the number one cause of campaign failure. This is the responsibility of both the client and the SEO Company. The client should know that SEO is like any normal business strategy, start small, set targets and progress. The SEO should have managed the expectations of the client. They should have ...... read more

Bing it on: Why Bing on your mob...

Fri 16 Apr 2010, Susie Hood


Jon, a Search Engine Optimisation Programmer at SEO Consult, gives his thoughts on Bing's latest moves to attract users and possible implications in search marketing... There are some obvious reasons why people focus solely on Google when setting up their SEO campaign. Apart from them being a household name and occupying a massive market share, it’s also the important fact that optimising for Google very often (but by no means always) results in similar rankings in the two other major ...... read more

Social media monitoring, keyword...

Fri 9 Apr 2010, J-P De Clerck


The biggest element to having your website found is using the proper keywords. For example, are you sure that the keywords you are using are the most commonly searched keywords that pertain to your industry? There are tools available that allow for you to find out the most commonly used keywords when people search for products that you sell down to the brand and even when people search for your competitors. One of them is social media monitoring. Social media is becoming more impo...... read more

Google (Search Marketing) Agency...

Wed 7 Apr 2010, Tom Bogaert


Google (Search Marketing) Agency policy. Is there one?
After the rumors that were spread last week concerning whether or not Google would alter or shut down its AdWords reseller program, I started rethinking our relation...... read more

Geotagging and Search Marketing

Tue 6 Apr 2010, Susie Hood


Geotagging and Search Marketing
With augmented reality apps on smart phones such as the iPhone and as part of various Android applications, the way we take and use pictures is no longer purely a recr...... read more

SEMPO report confirms growing ro...

Mon 5 Apr 2010, Editors

1 comment

The latest report on the state of search engine marketing, the SEMPO launched last month, shows, besides the leading position of Google, the increasing role of social media. One of the key findings in the SEMPO report revealed just how powerful Google is as a search engine with 97% of the responding companies claiming that they paid to advertise via Google AdWords. Google is well aware of this and the majority of responses concluded that they had to pay more for Google services than they di...... read more

Trada pay-per-click expert sourcing

Thu 1 Apr 2010, Tom Bogaert


Trada (trada.com) has recently launched its people AND technology platform. Trada is a very niche vertical platform that brings together webagencies, web specialists and companies/advertisers looking for and offering pay-per-click expertise. Getting into Trada looks simple: as an advertiser you sign up, create a campaign you’d like to run by some optimizers (pay-per-click experts) and set the goals for the campaign (either cost per click or cost per action). Optimizers can then join the...... read more

Facebook Overtakes Google Search...

Mon 29 Mar 2010, Susie Hood

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Facebook Overtakes Google Search in US – A Warning Sign?
Hitwise, an internet research company, has announced that as of 13th of March 2010, Facebook achieved 7.07% of all internet traffic to their homepage, compared to Goog...... read more

SEA and landing pages: still wor...

Fri 26 Mar 2010, J-P De Clerck


SEA and landing pages: still work to do
Last week-end I’ve been setting up a SEA campaign. When I started looking at the ads that existed for the keywords, it surprised me to see – once again - t...... read more

9 tips to write effective Search...

Thu 25 Mar 2010, Editors


Search Engine Advertising (SEA) or Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular forms of online advertising. I guess everyone visiting this blog knows that. Still, for many businesses writing a good search engine ad for Google AdWords and ‘the others’ is less obvious than it seems. So in this post I’d like to share some tips for writing effective text ads for search engine advertising.   It’s a challenge to write an ad in of 95 char...... read more

Click Consult & SEO Consult ...

Mon 22 Mar 2010, Susie Hood


Click Consult & SEO Consult Join The Blogging Team
Hi! I am the Copywriting Manager for Click Consult, a leading UK-based internet marketing agency and SEO Consult, Click's specialist search engine optimization divisio...... read more

Three more effective but less of...

Thu 18 Mar 2010, Stijn De Meyere


Three more effective but less often used traffic sources
Yesterday I summed up two effective traffic sources that are often forgotten: Google Image Search and well-ranked YouTube Videos. But of course those are not the only ...... read more

Growing use of smartphones benef...

Wed 17 Mar 2010, Stijn De Meyere


Growing use of smartphones benefits social media and Google
The mobile revolution is not coming. It’s there. All industry experts and research firms agree that the sales of smartphones will continue to boost among busines...... read more

Two effective but less often use...

Wed 17 Mar 2010, J-P De Clerck


Two effective but less often used traffic sources
As an online marketer, it is essential to be able to think on your feet to avoid falling behind. In this incredibly competitive industry, uncreative solutions quickly ...... read more

UK SEM agency Greenlight on SEM,...

Tue 16 Mar 2010, J-P De Clerck


UK SEM agency Greenlight on SEM, tracking and Twitter
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company Greenlight, recently revealed its “top 10 predictions for natural and paid search in 2010”. In the ‘Year in Rev...... read more

Google: "We're the good guy...

Tue 2 Mar 2010, Barry Adams


Google: "We're the good guys, remember?"
As Google is coming under ever increasing scrutiny and pressure (such as the ruling against it in Italy, and the inquiry the European Commission has allegedly star...... read more

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