The discussion about Sina Weibo ...

Mon 8 Aug 2011, Qin Hu


The discussion about Sina Weibo and Twitter
I'm very glad to see the comment on the article I wrote :'Sina Weibo – A Chiness Twitter clone?' from Marco van Duyvendijk. And although I might or might not agr...... read more

Will Google+ compete with Facebook?

Mon 1 Aug 2011, Blog Competition


Will Google+ compete with Facebook?
The Winner of July is Ursula Christiane Michaelis. Gongratulations! She is studying International Communication at Hanze University Groningen. From her artic...... read more

Write & Win -- Announcement

Mon 1 Aug 2011, Blog Competition


Write & Win -- Announcement
SearchCowboys is highly committed to contribute to the education of future marketers. Two of our bloggers; Kelly Ge and Qin Hu therefore came up with the idea to se...... read more

Facebook fights back - Facebook ...

Thu 28 Jul 2011, Qin Hu


Facebook fights back - Facebook for Business
Lately, the hottest news has probably been about Google+ versus Facebook. Within two weeks of its release, Google+  had 10 million users, even in the invitation-o...... read more

Sina Weibo - A Chinese twitter c...

Thu 21 Jul 2011, Qin Hu


Sina Weibo - A Chinese twitter clone?
Hey everyone, I'm very glad to meet all of you here. My name is Qin Hu and I was born and raised in Huangshi, Hubei Province, China. Since 2007, I have been studying I...... read more

The Use of Trademark on Google A...

Wed 1 Jun 2011, Editors


The Use of Trademark on Google Adwords
Is it allowed to put the brand names from other companies on Google Adwords? Many advertisers are wondering on the involvement of trademark on Ads. You will find lot...... read more

Google +1 and Google Like

Thu 19 May 2011, Vitto Christaldi


Google +1 and Google Like
About two months ago, Google launched Google +1, a social sharing button from Google. Yes, everyone who is actively on Facebook knows how it works; it has basically th...... read more

Smartphones & Tablets 2011 s...

Tue 17 May 2011, Gabriel Goldberg


Smartphones & Tablets 2011 status in Belgium
It is now obvious that Apple has taken a serious lead on the Tablet market! Apple is already at the second generation of their iPad. The first iPad was made public on ...... read more

Insight: E-Commerce Sites in Ind...

Thu 5 May 2011, Vitto Christaldi


Insight: E-Commerce Sites in Indonesia
Along with internet growth in Indonesia come more and more e-commerce sites. This time, I am going to compare the top three e-commerce sites in Indonesia: tokopedia, p...... read more Social Media for Fi...

Thu 28 Apr 2011, Vitto Christaldi

9 comments Social Media for Fitness and Sport Enthusiasts
Nowadays you can find all kinds of social media on the internet. From social media for food (Foodspotting), to entertainment (GetGlue), beers (Untappd), and many more....... read more

#startuplokal: Indonesian Local ...

Wed 20 Apr 2011, Vitto Christaldi


#startuplokal: Indonesian Local Startup Community
#startuplokal, as they stated, is a community that gathers startups, digital/tech world enthusiasts, investors and media to meet and find a chance to collaborate. The ...... read more

Baidu index -- Baidu keyword ana...

Tue 19 Apr 2011, Kelly Ge


Baidu index -- Baidu keyword analysis tool
Baidu index is used for keywords research and monitoring search trends in China. You can check the "media exposure" and "users concern" on certain keyword in the past ...... read more Indonesia's Very ...

Tue 12 Apr 2011, Vitto Christaldi

7 comments Indonesia's Very Own Threadless
Indonesia in my view is the leader in copying ideas and making them their own, for example: Yahoo! Koprol, the Indonesian's Foursquare; or dealkeren and read more

网络营销简介 General intro...

Fri 8 Apr 2011, Kelly Ge


网络营销简介 General intro on Online Marketing
网络营销(On-line Marketing或E-Marketing)就是以互联网络为基础,利用数字化信息和网络媒体来辅助营销目标, 通过一系列网络营...... read more

在荷华人企业分析 Analysi...

Thu 31 Mar 2011, Kelly Ge


在荷华人企业分析 Analysis for Chinese Companies
Before the introduction on online marketing, I will first analysis the Chinese companies, two groups mentioned before. Both groups are trying hard to expand the busine...... read more

Baidu Dispaly ads -- Ads creation

Wed 30 Mar 2011, Kelly Ge


Baidu Dispaly ads -- Ads creation
Similar to Google, the format for advertising on Baidu also includes display Ads. Advertisers can choose location, types of websites, keywords, etc. Let’s go to ...... read more

荷兰华人企业现状 Current...

Fri 25 Mar 2011, Kelly Ge


荷兰华人企业现状 Current situation for Chinese companies
The Chinese companies in the Netherlands can be divided into two groups, first is the Chinese companies setting office here, and the other is the local Chinese entrepr...... read more

Digital Media in Indonesia

Wed 23 Mar 2011, Vitto Christaldi


Digital Media in Indonesia
A couple of weeks ago, I received a mail from a group of students from The Singapore Management University about their interest to interview me on social media in Indo...... read more

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