Baidu heatmap

Fri 20 Jan 2012, Kelly Ge


Baidu heatmap
There is nothing special about heatmap. You can easily find one and use it for your site, and many like it, for it is easy to get an idea on browsing behavior of visit...... read more

Huawei Ascend P1S– thinnest Sm...

Sun 15 Jan 2012, Qin Hu

1 comment

Huawei Ascend P1S– thinnest Smartphone with high performance
Recently, one of my friends told me about the thinnest Smartphone ever in the market, Ascend P1 S. Its thickness is only 6.68mm, which is 2.62mm thinner compared with ...... read more

Mobile Internet in Belgium in 2011

Thu 12 Jan 2012, Gabriel Goldberg


Mobile Internet in Belgium in 2011
Evolution of Mobile Internet in Belgium in 2011 2012 having begun, it is time to dive into Google Analytics. All of the data concerning mobile traffic for the whole...... read more

Mobile Devices and Internet Mobi...

Mon 9 Jan 2012, Gabriel Goldberg


Mobile Devices and Internet Mobile in Belgium
We have planned to write our quarterly update on the mobile internet in Belgium in the first weeks of 2012. But before that, let’s have a look at some other data...... read more

Tiësto's Live Performance on Tw...

Mon 9 Jan 2012, Vitto Christaldi

1 comment

Tiësto's Live Performance on Twitter
Hewlitt-Packard (HP) together with Intel Corporation will be hosting the first live-stream concert on their Twitter pages, starring the worldwide known disc jockey and...... read more

If I Die – a funny app for you...

Sun 8 Jan 2012, Qin Hu


If I Die – a funny app for you to say your last words
In the social media booming generation, many companies have made their fortune developing apps. I have introduced many interesting and successful apps before on Search...... read more

ConnectYard – a new platform f...

Tue 3 Jan 2012, Qin Hu


ConnectYard – a new platform for education
It is not new that more and more students prefer to interact via mobile devices and social media sites rather than using traditional forms of communication such as e-m...... read more

Jackie & Rihanna

Wed 21 Dec 2011, Vitto Christaldi


Jackie & Rihanna
JACKIE Magazine, the Dutch glossy magazine, became the hottest topic a couple of days ago for its article in issue 49 page 45, which referred to the singer Rihanna as ...... read more

The Digital Story of Nativity

Wed 21 Dec 2011, Vitto Christaldi

1 comment

The Digital Story of Nativity
Almost Christmas! For those who do not know the story of the birth of baby Jesus, here is a funny clip made by Excentric, showing how social media, web and mobile tell...... read more – nice social med...

Sun 18 Dec 2011, Qin Hu

4 comments – nice social media website
If you like music, want to be a DJ and happen to live in the US, here is a nice social media site for you – which allows users to share music interactiv...... read more

Facetones–integration of Faceb...

Sun 18 Dec 2011, Qin Hu

1 comment

Facetones–integration of Facebook photo with your ringtones
Nowadays, people keep in touch by using social networks more than phone calls and increasingly see their devices as portals to social media sites. Vringo has sensed th...... read more – a great social book...

Mon 12 Dec 2011, Qin Hu

1 comment – a great social booking site for travelers
If you like traveling, and if you think that travel is not about the places you see, but the people you meet along the way, is definitely a thing for you. It ...... read more

What friends see when they glanc...

Mon 12 Dec 2011, Vitto Christaldi

1 comment

What friends see when they glance at Facebook profiles
Some people spend their time customizing their Facebook; because they want to look professional for future employers, or just because they want to be perceived as cool...... read more

Baidu can index Weibo (Chinese T...

Fri 9 Dec 2011, Editors


Baidu can index Weibo (Chinese Twitter)
Be careful! Your comments on Weibo can be indexed and searched by others on Baidu. How can it happen? Baidu Open data makes it possible. I have introduced Baidu open d...... read more

What Smartphones can do for busi...

Mon 5 Dec 2011, Qin Hu


What Smartphones can do for businesses
No doubt, Smartphones are amongst the most popular topics in the world. The major players in mobile phone market have changed gradually since iPhone’s first laun...... read more

How Airlines Use Social Media to...

Tue 29 Nov 2011, Vitto Christaldi


How Airlines Use Social Media to Cope with Flight Disruption
We are entering December! The temperature is going down and soon most of you will be in your hometown, celebrating Christmas with the family; or maybe taking a break f...... read more

Square—how we pay in the moder...

Mon 28 Nov 2011, Qin Hu


Square—how we pay in the modern world
Have you heard about the mobile payment application Square? It is a small credit and debit card reader that can process your card payments on IOS or Android devices. T...... read more

Baidu display ads – remarketing

Mon 28 Nov 2011, Kelly Ge


Baidu display ads – remarketing
This year, Baidu strengthened the promotion on its new function for display Ads – remarketing to make the ads better fit to the needs of target audience. This ar...... read more

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