LinkedIn 4x Better for B2B Leads...

Mon 23 Apr 2012, Vitto Christaldi


LinkedIn 4x Better for B2B Leads than Other Social Networks
In January 2012, Hubspot released a study about social network for lead generation, which showed that LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at...... read more

Repin your Facebook, Pinvolve fo...

Mon 23 Apr 2012, Editors


Repin your Facebook, Pinvolve for all
Yippee ki yay. Starting today Pinvolve is available to everyone. Pinvolve is calling itself the 'bridge between Facebook and Pinterest,' for easy, fast content and pic...... read more

Best Job - P&G Summer Olympi...

Mon 23 Apr 2012, Qin Hu


Best Job - P&G Summer Olympics Campaign
Brands do not want to miss out on promotional opportunities during the Olympic Games. P&G is no exception. Since the opening of the Summer Olympics in London is ge...... read more

Facebook looking for a local par...

Mon 23 Apr 2012, Qin Hu


Facebook looking for a local partner to enter Mainland China
Eric Jackson, founder and managing member at Ironfire Capital LLC, wrote on his blog last Thursday that Facebook is preparing to enter Mainland China by a joint ventur...... read more

So how was your social media week?

Fri 20 Apr 2012, Ramcy Simoons


So how was your social media week?
Ours was just a blast, and thanks to you dear reader it kept on going and going...Ok, R&R time, out off office reply on, switch off that workphone, and last but no...... read more

Spread the word – get a reward

Fri 20 Apr 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Spread the word – get a reward
When I think how many new apps appear on the market every day, sometimes it seems that this is it: all imaginable brilliant ideas have been invented, implemented and...... read more

Really, it's not you. It's

Fri 20 Apr 2012, Editors


Really, it's not you. It's
About.Me is a one page personal profile, sort of like a giant clickable business card online. Community Manager Laura Gluhanich has some tips and te...... read more

Baidu Ads special – Brand Zone

Thu 19 Apr 2012, Kelly Ge


Baidu Ads special – Brand Zone
In my previous article, I briefly introduce Baidu Search Ads. From the bidding system to the setting of Ads, Baigu Search Ads are similar to Google Ads, the only diffe...... read more

Summer Olympics 2012: big brands...

Thu 19 Apr 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Summer Olympics 2012: big brands on Facebook
Giants such as Samsung, Coca-Cola and Proctor&Gamble have high hopes for their Facebook campaigns built around the upcoming summer Olympics. Using the huge buzz ...... read more

Life without internet…a breath...

Wed 18 Apr 2012, Ramcy Simoons


Life without internet…a breath of fresh air, or is it?
Some say there are no coincidences in life, yet a minute or so when I started writing this article this morning we experienced some wifi troubles. Not withstanding the...... read more

Google to offer free cloud stora...

Wed 18 Apr 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Google to offer free cloud storage space
This week we’ve seen a lot of rumors over the internet about the mysterious Google Drive, a new feature from Google. Several sources report that next week Go...... read more

Chinese Web Browser market

Tue 17 Apr 2012, Kelly Ge


Chinese Web Browser market
The online market in China is different from the rest as you all may notice.  This time, I will give you a brief idea on the web browser based on the latest repor...... read more

Yandex.Money gets real

Tue 17 Apr 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Yandex.Money gets real
Today the Russian search giant Yandex announced that their online payment system can now be used in real world. From now on, users of Yandex.Money can get a bank card...... read more

Facebook Took Over Instagram, Tw...

Tue 17 Apr 2012, Vitto Christaldi


Facebook Took Over Instagram, Twitter Feels Betrayed
More than a week ago, the famous free photo sharing app Instagram was bought by Facebook for $ 1 billion! Apparently, Facebook’s rival, Twitter, had also made so...... read more

Dribbble – a place for designe...

Tue 17 Apr 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Dribbble – a place for designers to socialize and get hired
Dribbble is an online community where “web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types&rdq...... read more

Do moms really trump other women...

Mon 16 Apr 2012, Ramcy Simoons


Do moms really trump other women on social media?
Now here's an 'oh no you didn't' question that I really shouldn't have asked this morning at the breakfast table without strapping on my preverbal kevlar. Rebutta...... read more

Stussy Facebook campaign caused ...

Mon 16 Apr 2012, Qin Hu


Stussy Facebook campaign caused a controversy
Brands are getting more and more creative when running their campaign on Facebook, especially to get fans to click “Like” and “Share” buttons. ...... read more

Asia Pacific: Heaven for Online ...

Mon 16 Apr 2012, Vitto Christaldi


Asia Pacific: Heaven for Online Shops!
Asia Pacific, an emerging market? Well, think again! A recent survey by MasterCard shows a shift in the Asia Pacific online shopping market towards what is called a &l...... read more

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