Marissa Mayer live on Searchcowboys

Tue 9 Dec 2008, Editors


Marissa Mayer live on Searchcowboys
At LeWeb on Wednesday there will be one speaker who is very interesting for the search-world: Marissa Mayer. Vice President of Search Product and User Experience Mayer...... read more

A bloggers view on search in Eur...

Tue 9 Dec 2008, Heini van Bergen


A bloggers view on search in Europe: Heini van Bergen
[Editor]Today we like to introduce you to a new Searchcowboy: Heini van Bergen. As you may know we asked our bloggers to write a post about their view on the European ...... read more

Nikesh Arora says ‘don’t wai...

Tue 9 Dec 2008, Bas van den Beld


Nikesh Arora says ‘don’t wait for Google’
Today at LeWeb, the internet conference hosted in France by Seesmic-founder Loic LeMeur, one of the first people on stage was Nikesh Arora. Arora is the President of E...... read more

Yahoo is not very fond of Google

Mon 8 Dec 2008, Editors

1 comment

Yahoo is not very fond of Google
It seems as if Yahoo! is not very fond of Google anymore. Writers on the Baseonesearch-blog noticed this friday an interesting Yahoo-result. When doing a search for "G...... read more

The SEO business is booming

Mon 8 Dec 2008, Bas van den Beld

1 comment

The SEO business is booming
Though the world is in a financial crisis , the SEO-business seems booming as never before. And it makes sence. When companies have to cut back on expenses they tend t...... read more

New lay out Google Reader and im...

Sun 7 Dec 2008, Bas van den Beld


New lay out Google Reader and images?
Sometimes you just stumble across changes which seem to be new. I haven't heard of any plans of lay out changes at Google, but a follower at Twitter pointed out that i...... read more

Three million euros in funding f...

Fri 5 Dec 2008, Editors


Three million euros in funding for Liligo
In a new round of funding travel search engine Liligo has raised another three million euros. The funding was led by investors Orkos and Alven Capital. Liligo will be...... read more

Meet the (Google) gOS Cloud

Thu 4 Dec 2008, Bas van den Beld


Meet the (Google) gOS Cloud
This week on the Netbook World Summit in Paris, France, Good OS announced their new Operating System: Cloud. This system will be installed together with XP on on the G...... read more

Google Onebox sends searchers to...

Thu 4 Dec 2008, Bas van den Beld


Google Onebox sends searchers to UEFA
Want to see what the next game is for your favorite European football team? Just type in the name in Google and you will get an instant answer. The Search Engine has i...... read more

Popular searches Western Europe ...

Wed 3 Dec 2008, Bas van den Beld


Every month Searchcowboys will look at which search terms are popular in Western Europe. Searchcowboys will be looking at the 'hot' searches in Google in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK. In November Facebook and Youtube are the two most searched after keywords in Google. Except for in the UK (3rd) "Youtube" is amongst the top two searches in every country. Facebook is the top-search in Belgium, France, Italy and the UK. In Germany and Holland people are not se...... read more

Yahoo European head Coppel steps...

Wed 3 Dec 2008, Bas van den Beld

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Yahoo European head Coppel steps down
Is Yahoo! falling apart? After the stepping down of Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang there were al lot of rumors about a possible Microsoft takeover. Although Steve Ballme...... read more

No more Lycos in Europe

Thu 27 Nov 2008, Editors


No more Lycos in Europe
It used to be one of the biggest portals in Europe. Search Engine Lycos, owned by Bertelsmann/Telefonica, is no more. At least, will be no more. The owners decided th...... read more

Searchwiki: Google's solution to...

Mon 24 Nov 2008, Roy Huiskes


Last week the SearchWiki functionality from Google officially launched.The SearchWiki enables people to vote a single search result up or down on the search result page, or actually remove it within your personalized results. It also gives you the possibility to add a personal, public note in which you say something about the result of website. Google states that this data won’t be used in the ranking algorithm. Since we all know Google is able to do very smart things with data, this ev...... read more

Wordtracker Keyword Questions

Mon 24 Nov 2008, Mark Farragher


Wordtracker Keyword Questions
Wordtracker has released an interesting new tool recently called "Keyword Questions". It's a free tool that lets SEM's find specific questions that people type into se...... read more

Yahoo! 9$/share still not low en...

Thu 20 Nov 2008, Nuno Hipólito


Yahoo! 9$/share still not low enough for Ballmer?
Ballmer said in a press conference in Australia, that even with Jerry Yang (Yahoo! CEO) out of the picture, Microsoft would not setup a new bid to buy the company. But...... read more

Google Maps now available in Por...

Wed 19 Nov 2008, Nuno Hipólito


Google Maps now available in Portugal
Google Maps, the popular mapping service from Google, is now available in Portugal, including its popular "transit" tool, that provides the best routes when you're pla...... read more

Lisa Ditlefsen: "Nothing th...

Wed 19 Nov 2008, Bas van den Beld


Lisa Ditlefsen: "Nothing that's worth having comes easy"
For the first time in the SEO Roadshow series we have a video interview. And for the first time in the series we are interviewing a woman: Lisa Ditlefsen. We talked t...... read more

A bloggers view on search in Eur...

Tue 18 Nov 2008, Evert Veldhuijzen

1 comment

A bloggers view on search in Europe: Evert Veldhuijzen
[Editor]In the series of getting to know our bloggers today Evert Veldhuijzen takes the stage. We've asked him the same as we asked all our bloggers: to write a post a...... read more

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