Google most visited site in Netherlands

Tue 8 September 2009 16:30, Editors

Google most visited site in Netherlands

It's not really a surprise, but Google is the most visited website in the Netherlands in the first part of 2009. In the top 20 list, set up by Alexa, social networking site Hyves takes the second position before YouTube and

Compared to the entire list of 2008 Hyves took the second spot away from Live Search. The 'revamped' Live Search clone Bing hasn't gotten any foot on the ground in the Netherlands so far and dropped to the 5th spot.

Where in most other countries Facebook usually is one of the top three website in the Netherlands is only reaches the top 10. This has everything to do with the huge size of Hyves in the Netherlands.

There were quite a few changes compared to 2008. Twitter for example didn't reach the top 20 back in 2008, and now enters at 16. "De Telefoongids" went the other way. The online phone book was part of the top 10 in 2008 but dropped out of the list this year.

The entire top twenty of most visited sites in the Netherlands:

1. Google Nederland
3. YouTube
4. Google
5. Windows Live
9. Wikipedia
10. Facebook
11. Yahoo!
12. De Telegraaf
15. Blogger /
16. Twitter
18. LinkedIn
19. Buienradar
20. Flickr

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