Quotes from the search industry about 'the deal'

Wed 29 July 2009 18:09, Editors

Quotes from the search industry about 'the deal'

It's clear that both Steve Ballmer and Carol Bartz are very pleased with the new deal between Microsoft and Yahoo. But what does this mean for the industry?

Later on we will be looking back at the press conference we covered live on Twitter and we will be looking at what lies ahead, but for now we decided to ask some of our bloggers and other 'influentials' in the industry we know well how they feel about the deal. Off course there are a lot more opinions we could look for, but this will give a nice insight on how the search industry will react.

Jon Myers, MediaVest, UK
"This is a great deal for both companies; the combinations of the development power of Microsoft and the distribution of Yahoo will give them a lot more weight in the marketplace. Microsoft has been developing its offering fast over the last few years and it is time for them to step up more people to advertising to. They will never knock Google from its search position of dominance in the short term but with the followers on Microsoft and Yahoo across Mail, Messenger and other offerings gives them a real user base to work with over the next 10 years of the deal. Combining their search offerings will make it easier and more efficient for Search Marketers to operate and the combine sales team will allow them to service business better. UK and Europe is very Google marketshare dominant but will be interesting to see how US and Asia fare. Overall good deal for all and hopefully a lot of good things to come from both parties."

Dave Naylor, Bronco, UK
"At least I feel now it's worth looking at SEOing a site for Bing/Yahoo, it was always about market share and traffic, shame about Yahoo LinkDomain I can't see how or why Bing would support it."

Heini van Bergen, Tribal, Netherlands
"As player in the European Search Marketing field, we're looking forward to this deal. A more qualitative European Search Engine industry will lead to more innovation, more alternatives for users and therefore more marketing opportunities for our clients. However we do hope that this deal is primarily focussed on user experience instead of only shareholder value."

Christoph Cemper, Cemper, Austria
"With this A LOT of SEO tools that base their backlink research data on Yahoo alone will be broken, or outdated. Good that we have a MULTITUDE of backlink sources in our internal Link Research Tools, and I see people asking for it more soon."

Kate Morris, Marketing Demons, US
"I think that this deal is good for both companies, but I am unsure of its impact on the search marketing world. For some, it's a welcome change that will bring good technology to Yahoo's Search Marketing program due to the fact that AdCenter is far superior. For others, they imagine a world with their Bing rankings taking over for Yahoo. I am not sure that is where the search side is going though. The technology Yahoo has in their search will be a welcome change in Bing's structure, and it could have a positive impact for both, but that will just have to be seen. I personally wanted to see a Yahoo/Ask/AOL merge, but what will be, will be. Another change in the lives of search marketers everywhere. :)

Joost de Valk, Orange Valley, Netherlands
"I think this is in the best interest of advertisers: a platform less to worry about, a bit more of a "real" competitor for Google. I'll mis Yahoo! though, and it feels like Yahoo! has sold itself quite cheaply from what I gather now... It looks like the amounts are a bit lower than last year ;)"

Louis Venter, Mediavision, UK
"Its more US than UK news due to the really poor market share that Yahoo has in the UK, i dont see it affecting the UK search landscape for some time. Will be interesting to see if mainstream advertising (thats surely to come) will have a significant impact on those market share stats within the UK."

Rishi Lakhani, UK
"My only opinion is "wait and see". At the moment speculation is the biggest risk in changing tracts."

Heiko Eckert, Bigmouthmedia, Germany
"Even combined Yahoo and Bing have a very small market share however we’ve noticed rising levels of unrest around the Google brand in Germany as users become concerned about privacy issues. This partnership might just keep Bing in the limelight long enough to bring German searchers over to it."

Eduard Blacquière, Outrider, Netherlands
"The Microsoft-Yahoo search deal is definitely a big step towards a competitive Search landscape, especially in Search advertising. However I doubt the benefits of the deal for people like you and me, searching to find answers to our questions. To me they face 2 big challenges: 1) integrating the completely different organisations and processes and 2) establishing a strong Search association to their Search brands."

Peter Young, Holistic, UK
"The inevitable question will thus be raised. Is the new Microhoo a viable competitor to Google. When considering this question one should consider this outside of merely the US and even more so Western Europe. Many South-East Asian countries have a far high number of Yahoo (vs Google) userbase and as such, this deal can only serve to establish both brands even more in those markets."

Judith Lewis, iLevel, UK
"It was with a bit of sadness, and a healthy dose of cynicism that I watched Yahoo sacrifice its algorithm and search results on to the pyre of history and lay its sword at the feet of Bing.  I remember when Yahoo was new search was young and you could see the changes you made pretty much immediately in search results.  Yahoo was one of the major sources of traffic back then.  Now the once great engine has seemingly aged, no longer speedily keeping pace with the times. The height of Yahoo’s strength has waned and Bing took on the old king and slew it.  As with all things, Yahoo is not truly dead and will rise from this battle in other ways, with other forms and in other guises. Perhaps it is a case of it simply resting before rising up once more and slaying the new king… you never know."

Roy Huiskes, OnetoMarket, Netherlands
"It seems like a good deal for Microsoft from a search engine perspective and for Yahoo moneywise. The issue is that the algorythms of Microsoft aren't that bad, but the data isn't sufficient. 28% percent share in the US is a good point to start with. Yahoo is known for the succesfull implementations of bought inventory (like Flickr, del.icio.us and IndexTools for example) unlike Microsoft. Everybody will win if more players enter the search market and start competing, so I guess we'll see what happens!"

Marcus Tandler, Mediadonis, Germany
"I think that the deal makes a lot of sense for both companies! With an united effort of these both powerhouses we may even finally get a worthy competitor to Google. I just hope Microsoft is launching the new BING plattform here in germany quickly, since BING.com over here is still the old & crappy Live.com search results."

Julie Joyce, SEO Chicks, USA
"Microsoft and Yahoo merge. I currently use neither of them, but it's about time we saw a credible competitor to Google. Now we'll have a new system to try and game, and a new corporation to bitterly complain about. Win win." 

Disa Johnson, AirDisa Multimedia, US
"Having been at the Bellevue launch, I know Bing Search is poised to benefit from Yahoo! Search volume. Just as Google did."

Frédéric Marty-Debat, Bigmouthmedia, Spain
“Neither engine was very good against Google in Spain because of their market size and quality of Spanish language results. Hopefully this deal may encourage them to invest more in Spain” 

Kevin Gibbons, SEOptimise, UK
"This is a huge deal & boost for Bing. It instantly increases their market share & consolidates Yahoo & Microsoft into a far stronger competitor to Google. It's great news for PPC advertisers too, as they can justify spending time/budget on a second paid search platform now instead of just using AdWords."

Lisa D Myers, Vervesearch, UK
"Exciting times, I think the merge will have a positive impact on the public, hopefully giving us a better overall product and a decent search engine. Whether the merge means an actual competition for Google, I doubt it, at least in the UK. But the merge will definetly make an impact, more likely in the US and Asia where both Yahoo and Microsoft has a bigger marketshare. Overall I think it's about freakin time!"

Andrew Girdwood, bigmouthmedia
"Yahoo and Microsoft will have to work hard to make this succeed. If we’re faced with months of beta and unstable products, or delays after delays, then there’s a risk people will get frustrated at Bing. On the other hand, if we see the search partnership rollout smoothly and we get access to an engine that matches the quality of Bing US then we may well see the two market shares combine and grow."

Matt McGowan, Incisive Media, US
"It is a win for advertisers - strong adCenter platform, increased volume"

Mikkel deMib Svendsen, Denmark
"Wow - 10 year deal! Thats like "forever". A 10 year deal is equal to a sale. Details looks like a sale - a very complicated one, but a sale, a masked sale."

Bas van den Beld, Searchcowboys, Netherlands
"It's a big deal, that's for sure. Surprisingly enough not a take over, but an actual combining of forces. That could be the way to go for both Microsoft and Yahoo. It's good for the industry to have another 'big player' to compete with Google, but I would suggest they won't look at what Google is doing, but start building new 'experiences' themselves. And for God's sake, don't wait too long to roll out in Europe, the longer they will wait, the more market share it will cost them, thats what's happening to Bing now... But good luck on both parties. It will be a hell of a job getting things running, but I know I'm looking forward to what will be rolled out!"

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