Spanish market gets more competition

Thu 15 January 2009 12:58, Bas van den Beld

The Spanish online market is one of the markets with a lot of growing potential. Especially when it comes to search engine marketing there is lot to be gained. That is why a lot of agencies are making a move towards the South European market. Today Bigmouthmedia opened its offices in Madrid.

Already in 2007 research performed by Jupiter Research showed that over 60% of advertisers were planning on increasing their search marketing budget. They said to be focusing more and more on SEO compared to paid search.

Spanish market gets more competition

The growing market and growing interest of the Spanish in search can also be seen by the rapidly expanding conferences on the subject. For example this month you can visit conferences in Barcelona and Madrid and SMX has embraced the Spanish market with two conferences: next to SMX Madrid they now also bring the SMX Travel.

Over the last couple of years a lot of agencies made the move towards Spain. Not only Spanish search marketing agencies but more and more international based agencies started working on the Spanish market. For example OnetoMarket, iProspect, and Artemis have already been working in Spain for a couple of years now. Today they found out they are getting a big competitor: BigMouthMedia.


Bigmouthmedia are smart enough to put two Spanish search professionals in charge of the Spanish branche of the company. Two former NetBooster’s employees, former Country Manager and founder Spain Manuel Jurado (who will become Managing Director) and Frédéric Marty-Debat (Former NetBooster's Search Marketing Manager), who will be Senior Account Manager, will lead the company.

Steve Leach, Bigmouthmedia's Group CEO, is happy with the move. "Spain is somewhere that any company with ambition wants to be. It's a dynamic place to do business in, has many opportunities, and is fast becoming one of the most exciting markets in Europe," Bigmouthmedia hopes to gain ground in the Spanish market by offering more than just search marketing but also digital marketing services.

But will they succeed? Maybe Bigmouthmedia is hoping to get a head start in the country by hiring two Spanish search marketers with a good reputation and by offering a big range of products. However they have to be careful. Though Spain is a growing market it is also a divided market. Being in Madrid doesn’t mean you will have access to the entire country. The cultural differences within Spain play a big part in the search-business in Spain. Not just in the optimizing-part but possibly even more in the business-part. We’ll have to wait and see how Bigmouthmedia will handle that.

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Comments (8)


  • Welcome guys! Good to have some competition and also good for the Spanish market, quality agencies are needed. But remember that the launch of most of the foreign agencies last year didn´t meet the expextations so do it smart.

    Do 15 jan 2009, 15:35

    • Alana Burton

    I used to work for Artemis Internet Marketing over in Spain ( and would thoroughly recommend them as one of the most reputable firms over there. I'd go back to Spain to do a similar role anyday - it will be interesting to see Big Mouth Media develop over there (new BBM Madrid base role calling - ?!? :-) )

    Do 15 jan 2009, 22:06

    • Roald Schoenmakers

    Congrats to BigMouthMedia. I agree that more quality agencies are needed. Traffic4u had a very succesful launch in Spain in 2007-2008 and I am sure more (big) international agencies will help lift the overall level of service and quality expectations. Steve & Manuel: Good luck.

    Wo 21 jan 2009, 14:46

  • Manuel and Frédéric could be a good choice. During the last 3 years only Netbooster and Onetomarket realized a succesful introduction to the Spanish market. Together with local players like t2o and media agencies like Havas and iprospect they became the top 5 players in Spain. Other foreign agencies had a ' Big Mouth' but are still a very small player or already left the market in silence. By appointing the right people Bigmouthmedia could have a chance to become an important player.

    Wo 21 jan 2009, 21:24

  • Hi I am one of the Directors of Artemis and we welcome the launch of BigMouthMedia. The market here in Spain is growing and as many co's downsize we are expanding even in this difficult climate

    Ma 9 feb 2009, 22:12

  • Interesting to see what's going on here in Spain! Good post. I'm a bit surprised to see Artemis Internet Marketing doesn't appear to have any Spanish language webpages, despite being based in Spain.

    Di 10 feb 2009, 12:38

  • Hi Fletch,
    Being based in Marbella we specialise in the expat market in Spain, of which there are many. We have native Spanish speakers if required but tend to steer towards English language seo as our clients mainly aim at English speakers

    Di 10 feb 2009, 13:06

    • gsdhjhfdsfj

    thanks for sharing information on this topic

    Za 25 jun 2016, 09:35


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