Internet Explorer is (almost) Dead in Indonesia

Tue 11 September 2012 10:00, Vitto Christaldi

Internet Explorer is (almost) Dead in Indonesia

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are the most used browsers in the world; but not in Indonesia! In the country with 44 million Facebook users, almost none of the internet users there use Internet Explorer anymore. Most Indonesians would still rather use Firefox than Google Chrome.

According to the stats published by StatsCounter, most internet users in Indonesia use Firefox as a default browser (65.92%), while Google Chrome is following in second place (25.92%). How about Internet Explorer? Only 2.74% Indonesians are still using IE. In other words, Internet Explorer is dying in Indonesia. Software blogger Troy Hunt gave a remark about these stats on his blog, “This is in a country where 93% of people are running Windows 7 or XP, so it’s not like they’re all on Macs or *nix; They simply don’t use the default OS browser”.


Top 5 Browsers in Indonesia

These stats are ironically contradicting the top 5 browsers in the world. Also according to the global stats by StatsCounter, Google Chrome is now the leader in browser markets worldwide; but only 1.7% above Internet Explorer!


Top 5 Browsers Worldwide

I am not surprised that the percentage of IE users in Indonesia is low, but I’m surprised by the high percentage of IE users in the rest of the world. Let’s be honest, I guess no one uses Internet Explorer anymore nowadays, right?


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