Heal Your Broken Heart with Ludduvuddu

Tue 15 May 2012 08:30, Vitto Christaldi

Heal Your Broken Heart with Ludduvuddu

Have you just broken up with your partner? Or maybe someone you know is heartbroken? And are you stuck because nothing can help you or your friend to get over the love problem? Let’s ask Luddu & Vuddu, they know exactly how to cheer you up!

Ludduvuddu is a Dutch startup platform that focuses on mending broken hearts. The brokenhearted will receive survival kits full of tips, tricks, and tools that will help him/her to get through the worst phase of a broken heart. The most awesome thing about Ludduvudu is: this online service does not cost you any money! Well, there is a tiny little fee that you have to pay if you wish to get a present; but hey, this fee is nothing compares to the fee that you have to pay for a session with a psychologist, no?

So there are many ways that Ludduvuddu can help you to be happy:

  1. The cheer-up-letters that you will receive through your email, phone, and even through real letters that will be sent to your mailbox at home!
  2. With an extra cost, you can buy yourself a present in the Ludduvuddu web-shop, which is called “the Ludduvuddu Pharmacy
  3. As I quoted from their site “We do everything we can on this site to make you feel better, but fact is your feelings are simply not digital”. Therefore, Ludduvuddu also organizes events throughout the year, which you can attend, and that will totally make you feel much better!
  4. Story Worse than Yours”. Just be honest, it always makes you feel better whenever you hear someone telling a much worse experience than yours. At least I do!
  5. Ludduvuddu has a cartoon of “Luddu & Vuddu” that will make you laugh and forget about your ex!
  6. … and much more


Too bad, this service is not yet available to people outside the Netherlands. “If you also live outside of the Netherlands, you will not be able to use all Ludduvuddu’s services just yet. No worries. We plan to take over the world soon.” So brokenhearted people outside the Netherlands, I am afraid you have to fight the shitty feelings by your own for now!

Meanwhile, for Dutch readers, here is a funny Youtube promotional clip of Ludduvuddu:

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Comments (3)


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