An interim-publisher saying hello & inviting you to converse

Wed 12 May 2010 13:11, J-P De Clerck

An interim-publisher saying hello & inviting you to converse

Yesterday my friend Henk asked me if I wanted to blog on this group blog, an invitation I accepted (if not I wouldn’t be posting this, obviously). When talking about this blog, we also agreed that I would serve as an interim-publisher until there is a new publisher on board. I understand that it’s a custom that newcomers introduce themselves here so allow me to do that first.

The most important thing for me is that I’m a father and someone who likes writing. I don’t write about everything, I write about interactive marketing and have been doing that since about 15 years or so.

I write books, columns, papers, print articles and also posts on several blogs, mainly in Belgium and the UK but now and then also on Dutch blogs. I have a few blogs myself but will not promote them here. I will also not promote or brand myself since it's not what I need or am looking for, rest assured. I'm doing this as a favor for a friend.

What else is there to say? I like sharing and networking, so I’m looking forward to getting in touch with you. In a previous life, I was an interactive marketing consultant, I managed Belgium’s first portal for a while, set up interactive strategies for many companies and was the managing director of a Belgian publishing house for nearly a decade, publishing interactive marketing publications such as Inside Digital Media and organizing events such as the Mixx Awards.

Finally, I founded, developed and published a website called, which was Belgium’s first interactive marketing web site. I sold it 3 years ago.

I’m a bit of an all rounder and interactive marketing dinosaur but young at heart and always following what’s going on. I’m mainly studying the impact of social media now.

What can I offer to this group blog? Well, I hope value, new bloggers and freshness. I will not be blogging too often since I’m quite busy writing for other blogs, and of course I also have customers (a man needs to eat, unfortunately).

What would you like?

However, I will try to focus on delivering some hands-on posts and maybe some interviews with people I have connected with over the years.

If you prefer other types of content, just shout, I’m open for everything (well, nearly everything) and will pass it on to other bloggers once I get in touch with them.

Finally, I want to thank Evert Veldhuijzen and Martijn Beijk for their contributions to this blog. Since they decided to delete all their posts on this blog, it’s obvious that the owners of this blog will remove their last two posts as well.

Please allow me some time to get in touch with you and to adapt my schedule to this new situation. In the mean, you can ask your questions by commenting. Note that I do not have answers to everything and that I can not talk about the past for the simple reason that I have no past regarding this blog. Only a future.

If you are an existing blogger and want to get in touch, please leave a comment. Obviously, the same goes if you wish to post on this blog.

Since it's a short week, I might not answer right away but I will certainly keep you posted. You can see my ugly face in my blogger profile that I still have to fill in but that will be for later.

Thank you for being here.

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  • Good to see that, after a big hit, finally some action is taken. Make something cool of this JP, this blog needs an chief editor, like all blogs.

    I guess I'll hear from you in an e-mail.

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 13:28

    • JP De Clerck

    Thank you, Roy. The coolness will of course depend from the community of people supporting this blog by visiting it or contributing as well. This is ad interim for me until that fresh and great new publisher comes along instead of an oldtimer with a belly :) You will sure here from me in an e-mail, that will be one of the first things obviously. Just allow me some days please.

    Thank you

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 13:35

  • There's nothing wrong with having a belly. :)

    Even though a Dutch saying comes to mind right now involving a drowned calf, I wish you and SC the best of luck. I will not be blogging here any longer, but as I wrote my content for SC at the time and my ego is sufficiently large that I'd like for my stuff to remain online for people to read, I won't be asking you to delete my posts.

    A blank slate is probably a good idea for a reboot of SC. I hope you manage to help make it work.

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 13:44

    • JP De Clerck

    Thank you Barry for notifying me you will not blog here anymore. Thank you for your contributions. And we do have that saying in Belgium as well. But you know how it is with sayings :)

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 13:54

    • JP De Clerck

    @Barry: O, and obviously your posts will remain online. For your ego :) and for the content. We will not start deleting content of people that do not want to do it themselves of course.

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 13:56

  • Hi JP,

    Its good to see someone stepping up the plate here. Would be a shame if a brand like search cowboys, with all of its fans and followers, would be put to rest. We haven't build this thing to destroy it again, right? ;-)

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 14:32

    • JP De Clerck

    Well, that's exactly what my thought was when I hear about recent events :) It's a pitty to let a brand like this one perish.

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 14:34

  • Hi JP,
    It's good to see that finally some steps were taken. I was sad to see that SC was dying so slowly.
    I was so angry to see how some people abused the SC reputation. Maybe deleting my content wasn't the best idea I had and after all the Goodbye post would have been enough, but at least now people noticed what was happening to this blog. I wish you good luck and hope you will turn Searchcowboys to old glory.

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 15:09

    • JP De Clerck

    Thank you Evert, it's indeed a pity you deleted all your posts and it was indeed noticed :) I wish I could do magic and put it back online by unfortunately I can't. I understand that your goodbye is final? Thank you for the wishes and I can say I will not be able to turn it to old glory but I will try to turn it to new glory, obviously with the help from those that hang around. Thank you again.

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 15:16

  • Hey JP,

    Nice post & thanks for stepping up ;)

    Of course we are back-upping all our websites. So getting things back doesn't need some kind of magic trick ;)

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 15:33

    • JP De Clerck

    @Jeroen, of course you do, silly of me :)
    @Evert: do you want your old posts back online?


    Wo 12 mei 2010, 15:43

  • Hey JP thanks for your answer. To answer your question if my Goodbye is final: I think Henk doesn't want me to turn back ;) If yes and they solve the (comment) spam problem in the near future (by checking it or by improving the filters) I would be happy to write once in a while.
    @JeroenDC Deleting was one step to far as I said in my last comment. The goodbye post in my opinion was necessary. If you want to restore the content I'm fine with that. If you don't want....I understand :)

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 15:45

    • JP De Clerck

    @evert: That's good news. As I'm the publisher for now and publishing is about taking decisions ;) we'll restore your content and account. Please understand that we will leave your alarm post out of it :) Regarding the comment spam: I will take this up and until then we'll remove it manually. It might take a while but the first thing we’ll do of course is implement a Captcha system. And of course I hope that if there is an issue in the future you will contact me, I will contact everyone via email asap.

    Thanks, Evert.

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 16:31

  • Great I will publish a post next week. Now I've two days off for holiday :)

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 16:34

    • JP De Clerck

    Thanks Evert, I will do the same, although I must admit I'm always busy ;)

    Read you next week.

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 16:37

    • JP De Clerck

    I've sent a mail to all bloggers. If anyone hasn't received my mail, please give me a sign, I might have missed your address. Thank you

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 18:37

  • @JPDeClerck Welcome to the world of cowboy-blogs as publisher. As you and many readers/comment-givers/bloggers knows it is a informative, inspiring and open environment to learn and discuss al all kind of Internet-developments. I really hope that under your leadership the world of Search professionals will prove that they really are professionals and their knowledge does matters!
    Good Luck!

    Good luck!

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 18:48

    • JP De Clerck

    Thanks, Dick, I already noticed some interesting posts on your site ;)

    Wo 12 mei 2010, 18:51

  • @JPdeClerck Great News! I'll keep on posting now and then. The more we are, the more action is taken!


    Do 13 mei 2010, 16:20

    • JP De Clerck

    Thanks, Tom, knew I could count on you ;) If you want to "talk", you have my mail.

    Do 13 mei 2010, 16:26

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