A new blogger that forgot to introduce himself

Mon 1 March 2010 09:24, Stijn De Meyere

A new blogger that forgot to introduce himself

Please allow me to introduce myself since a friendly visitor of this blog last week told me that it’s a custom to do this. Well, my name is Stijn De Meyere and live in Belgium. I was an Internet marketing consultant for a long time, and now I write a lot.

I write about SEM since 1997 but am a bit of an allrounder. I also specialize in social media marketing, email marketing and, well, many kinds of marketing. I hope you’ll like my posts. I guess you’ll like some better than others so all comments are welcome, including criticism. My motto: we live to learn.

I have been writing for BelgianCowboys for quite some time now (and a few other blogs), and of course I was a regular visitor of SearchCowboys.

When Bas van den Beld left (I don’t know him personally unfortunately but he was a true inspiration and absolute thought leader in so many fields) I proposed to post about SEM here now and then and to broaden the scope a bit.

You know, also write about the impact of social media on SEM, conversion marketing, PPC programs in social media, etc. (have achieved marvelous results with some of them, will tell about that later).

It might be that loyal followers of this blog don’t like that. Well, I’m sorry if that’s the case. However, another motto of mine is: standing still is going backwards. But, again, your comments are welcome.

Well, that’s about it. I’m looking forward to your reactions. Some posts might be too simple for some of you, I hope you’ll guide me a bit here.

As I said earlier, I’m a firm believer in social media and that’s why I created the group I mentioned yesterday under the SC brand (of course with permission of the captain of this ship).

You can always make contact with me via www.twitter.com/stijndemeyere, when I’m online of course.

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