Organizations should start Skyping

Mon 1 June 2009 09:00, Jaap Jacobs

Organizations should start Skyping

While Skype started offering its services to the public nobody thought it would become a competitor of mobile telecom providers. Since mobile telecom becomes one with internet this market could change radically.

We see more and more companies starting to market their services and products through the mobile internet. Companies start to build their own mobile websites, applications and use mobile search and advertising. With wide open doors for Skype, we as internet marketers should start to think about implementing this channel within our mobile strategies. With the current Skype application it is possible for consumers to Skype trough a 3G connection. Most of the providers would not allow this service, but T-Mobile Netherlands accepts Skype on its network.

However Skype is being suppressed at the moment it is important to follow these developments because it’s just a logic step for mobile internet visitors to call you instead of sending you an e-mail. Our new mobile internet phones make it easy to click and call a number. It could just be weeks or months Skype numbers will highlight and could be called within 1 single click. And it could also be  of interest to consumers to call from a normal desktop computer.

If Google is smart they will start with a similar service and combine it with their products like Google Adwords. But shouldn't we all start creating Skype accounts within our organizations? Today? So consumers are able to call us FREE OF CHARGE?

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    • J.A. Watson

    Any organization that is considering using Skype for their business needs to look very carefully at Skype "support", but technical support and customer account support. It is not "poor", it is non-existent. It would take a foolish manager in the extreme to build a business on top of a service which has no support telephone, no support email, no support fax; the only support contact is a web page which has an advertised response time of FOUR DAYS, and generally doesn't even meet that.

    Ma 1 jun 2009, 13:25

    • Shawn

    Is there a point to mobile strategies anymore? The majority of phones rolling out support the web with full browser capabilities.

    AS for Skype and its mobility, there are other options out there that allow SKype to play well with mobile phones and SIP desk phones. OnState ( is an example of such a company.

    Di 2 jun 2009, 17:19

  • i like skype, but they still don't cover the Netherlands with SkypeIn.. Once they do, it might be interesting enough to switch;

    Vr 5 jun 2009, 11:19

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