Instagram is So Last Year! Now It's Time for Vine to Shine!

Wed 15 May 2013 10:00, Vitto Christaldi

Have you heard about an app called Vine? Vine is an iOS app that works like Instagram; but instead of sharing old-school-effect-photos, you share short cool (or silly) clips with your friends and the world.

Instagram is So Last Year! Now It's Time for Vine to Shine!

What’s so unique about Vine is that it allows us to shoot six seconds clip. Why only 6 seconds? I reckon because Vine is developed by microblog Twitter, it makes it equivalent to Twitter’s 140 characters message. Rather than let Facebook’s Instagram pushes its contents through Twitter’s real-time network, the company decided to build its own, new Instagram. But instead of sticking up to photos, Twitter chose to take a next step of content sharing: video.

Vine is very simple to use. The app’s interface is simple, green (makes it look fresh), and appears  almost exactly like Instagram. It is also extremely easy to create a clip:

  1. Tap on the camera button on the top right
  2. Hold your finger against the screen to start recording.
  3. You may also create multiple snippets adding up to the clip (stop-motion style clip) by removing your finger to pause the recording, and touch the screen again after you find a new scene.
  4. At the end results, the clip will be shown in a GIF-like effect. Vine also allows you to share your clips on Twitter or Facebook.

Similar to Instagram, users may also mention other users or use multiple hashtags in the clip’s caption. But the downside of Vine is that it does not restrict users from posting adult content. As a result, you could find many six-second x-rated clips by using obvious hashtag keywords.

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Marketers could also use Vine for marketing purpose. Here are some tips of how you could use the app to promote your business:

  1. For launching a new product: demo/trailer
  2. Mini commercials
  3. Behind-the-scenes footage
  4. Short how-to-videos (It’s not easy of course to squeeze important content of how-to-videos in only 6 seconds, but it’s possible, if you’re creative enough)

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When it comes to this question: “Will Vine replace other video sites like YouTube or Flickr?”, my answer is “naaaah …”. It’s like asking whether Instagram will replace Flickr (although it kinda is). But I believe Vine will be booming one day once more people discovered this app.

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