Test for Friends: Measure Your Friendship ... with Strangers

Fri 12 April 2013 10:00, Vitto Christaldi

We already have a lot of social-apps in the market, but “Test for Friends” offers a different social experience! It is also addictive!

Test for Friends: Measure Your Friendship ... with Strangers

Test for Friends was created by the German app developer, Games for Friends; which is also the creator of the popular ‘Paint for Friends’. Test for Friends allows you to measure your friendship by firing personal questions to your friends. The idea is to have as many matching answers as possible. 

And here comes the most interesting part about this app: not only you can connect this app with your friends, but also with strangers. “The game is designed so well that it is fun to play it with strangers. You can find someone near you based on their interest and age”, said Bart Breij to Dutch news show, Editie.nl. So basically, the question should be “How well does a stranger know you?

And so I downloaded the app to experience the fun.

I was asked to create a profile. At first, I didn’t want to connect my profile to my Facebook; but somehow the app insisted me to connect it to my Facebook profile, because it kept refusing my challenge requests (it said I must have a photo. I tried to upload a photo, but strangely it didn’t work). So alright, I connected the app to my Facebook!

Then it asked me with whom do I want to play with. I chose to play this game with a girl from the age of 21-25.


So BAM, as you can see below, here are the ladies that can potentially be my game-partner. I decided to play this game with girls who live nearby.


I sent some requests to the ladies. A couple of minutes later, Marielle and Nicolette accepted my challenge. Sweet!

Ladies first! So these ladies were given three questions, which later also had to be answered by me. At first it didn’t go well with me and Marielle. We had no match in the first two questions. At the third attempt, the computer asked us “When was the last time you shared a bed with someone?” Our answers did not match; we are not a good match (sad face).


However, it went well with me and Nicolette. We had the same answers for the first three questions. We are so going to be good friends!


And oh, you can also put comment on the answers, which basically mean you can chat with your game partner.


Hhm, let me think, what I would say to Nicolette? Apparently we have a lot of things in common. Should I ask her for a date?

Download Test for Friends here -> (Apple | Google Play)

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