Couples, Get a Room!

Thu 4 April 2013 10:00, Vitto Christaldi

You know that annoying moment when couples are bombarding your Facebook newsfeed with flirty TMI (Too Much Information) messages? You just want to put a comment on their wallpost “Yo guys, get a room!” Instead of intruding their romantic session, maybe next time you can kindly suggest them to try suppressing their digital display affection by doing it through mobile apps for couples. Huh?

Couples, Get a Room!

What I was saying is, there are some apps that are specially built for couples to share chats, photos, and videos between them without bombarding friends’ newsfeeds; Between, Couple, and Feel Me for example.



Between was created by Korean app developer, Value Creators & Company (VCVC). With this app, couples can send text messages, voice mails, photos, and memos to each other for free. They can also bookmark favorite photos and memos and put them in a feature called “Memory Box”. The app focuses on organizing and looking back at the memories. The Korean-made couples messaging app has had 2.9 million downloads globally and 900,000 monthly active users.



The app used to be called “Pair”, before it took over the UK for two-only-app “Cupple” and rebranded itself as “Couple”. This mobile app allows couples to share their precious moment, create date reminders, or even a-do list for groceries or things to bring before their romantic holiday. Couples can also share their thumbkiss (to let couples place thumbs together on the screen and virtually kiss) or sketch a picture simultaneously. The app has over 600,000 downloads on iOS and Android and has helped couples send over 160 million messages to each other.


Feel Me

Unlike the other two apps, Feel Me gives a more intrinsic level of communication. The app was founded by app designer Marco Triverio. Feel Me shows where the other person is touching his or her phone and when both touch the same spot, the area lights up and vibrates or makes a sound. Sounds cool, isn’t it?



Besides Between, Couple, and Feel Me, there are more unique apps available that allow couple to share their love privately. OR, I have another idea, have you ever heard of a medium called EMAIL?

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