BlackBerry Keeps Moving Together with Alicia Keys

Wed 27 February 2013 12:30, Vitto Christaldi

BlackBerry Keeps Moving Together with Alicia Keys

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you. Hear it for New York, New York, New York …” Everyone knows these lyrics; people from different continents are heard shouting these words out loud even though they are not actually from New York. To be precise, these are the lyrics of a song Empire State of Mind by the American R&B singer Alicia Keys, who last month became the Global Creative Director of a smart phone company, BlackBerry (formerly known as Research in Motion or RIM). After almost a month, Miss Keys finally kicked off her first BlackBerry project. Take a look at the clip below:

In her first project as BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys together with Robert Rodriguez and Neil Gaiman invite fans to submit photos of themselves via BlackBerry’s Keep Moving hub. These photos will be shown during her upcoming “Set the World on Fire” tour, where each tour city will have its own unique video with the faces of the BlackBerry users.

It wasn’t a coincidence that the crowning of Alicia Keys as BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director occurred during the launch of BlackBerry Z10 and Blackberry 10 Operating System. Obviously, Alicia Keys joining the BlackBerry team was rather a publicity stunt to promote the smart phone. To be honest, the title “Global Creative Director” is in my opinion too big considering the tasks she handles, which more or less come down to being the company’s celebrity endorsement and helping Blackberry here and there with their promotional strategy. In the article by USA Today, Gartner’ analyst Michael Gartenberg argued: “I think bringing Alicia Keys in was really kind of clever. It's one thing to bring in a celebrity at launch and have them perform. It's another thing to bring in a celebrity and say this is our new creative officer.” But I guess the PR stunt worked, didn’t it? BlackBerry got a lot of attention from press and bloggers around the world, though probably not for a long time.


(Source: engadget)

This is not the first time Alicia Keys becomes the star of an electronic company. The R&B superstar has done work for Hewlett-Packard in 2011. Earlier in January 2013, she also showed up as the headline of a concert at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, on behalf of Monster Products.

In her new role, the 14-time Grammy® Award Winning Singer is trying to make BlackBerry more appealing to women. "When I think of BlackBerry I think of a more male-dominated space. But knowing how much the (female) demographic is growing and moving, there needs to be that attention there."

Alicia Keys Sold Her Soul to BlackBerry, but Her Heart is Still Owned by Apple

Keys might be appointed the new face of BlackBerry, but she is not fully faithful to the platform. On February 11th, she was caught tweeting "Started from the bottom now were here!" using the Twitter app on her (oh no!) iPhone.


The Grammy-winning singer immediately deleted the tweet right after journalists found out about “her affair”. But instead of coming up with an apology, she claimed that her account was hacked by rapper Drake. Yes Alicia Keys, we believe you! Bad Drake, Bad!

What’s BlackBerry Z10?

The newly launched BlackBerry Z10 comes with a 4.2-inch full touch screen display, with a pixel density of 356 dpi and 1280 x 756 resolution. The device is larger than an iPhone and smaller than Samsung Galaxy devices. Blackberry Z10 also has a fast dual core processor and an 8-megapixel camera.

The Z10 has the overall rectangular shape with rounded corners, as well as the camera and LED flash up in the top-left corner. It also has a Time Shift Mode, which allows its users to take a photo and go back in time to find the exact moment of a particular facial reaction. The new device will come in black and white. 


For this new gadget BlackBerry dares to ask the customers to pay a price of more than 500eu, placing BlackBerry Z10 in the price class of Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X+, Nokia Lumia 920, and iPhone 5. The high price together with the generally declining popularity of Blackberry kind of makes you wonder whether all the Alicia Keys PR will actually help the company sell the new smart phone.

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