More People in Asia Pacific Use Social Media & Mobile Device

Fri 23 November 2012 12:00, Vitto Christaldi

More People in Asia Pacific Use Social Media & Mobile Device

Almost 60 percent of social media users in Asia Pacific use Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms from a mobile device; 12 percent higher than the global average and almost double the percentage of Europe, US, and Latin America. Mobile social media usage was particularly pronounced in Singapore (70 percent) and Indonesia (65%).

The statistics above were provided by the American global information and measurement company Nielsen in the company’s “State of Social Media” report. These findings correlate with another finding that shows that Asia Pacific has the highest smart phone ownership in the world with 44 percent, leading Europe (31 percent) and North America (30 percent). Actual smartphone penetration rate (per population) in Asia Pacific varies wildly among the bunch, from low penetration in Indonesia to more than 60 percent in South Korea. However, ownership of smart phones in Asia Pacific has almost doubled compared to the same quarter a year ago.


Social media is the fastest growing media in history and today over three in five internet users globally use social media,” said Yasir Yousuff, NM Incite Managing Director, APMEA. “Use of social media by consumers in Asia Pacific is higher than any other region in the world and with increasing ownership and reliance on internet capable mobile devices, we will see an exponential increase in cross platform behavior and mobile social media engagement.

Another statistics show that close to half of Asia Pacific consumers interact with social media while watching TV (47 percent), a little higher than the global average (46 percent). Filipino respondents are the most likely to engage in this cross-platform behavior (69 percent), followed by Hong Kong (62 percent), Indonesia (59 percent), and India (58 percent).

What are the main reasons for people in Asia Pacific to use social media? According to the study done by Nielsen, the top two reasons are to keep in contact with family and friends and as a source of entertainment. Two thirds of social media users in Asia Pacific use social media to learn more about brands, products and services (66 percent) and to read reviews/feedbacks about the products (65 percent). Almost sixty percent of the users use social media to find product deals/promotions.

 “Social media usage is evolving from being focused on personal updates to increasingly being used to access product and company information,” observes Yousuff. “Social networking and review sites provide companies with insights about consumers and their preferences and experiences that have never been accessible before. Not only can brands deliver messages and content to customers via this channel, but importantly they can tune in to conversations taking place on social platforms to better understand consumers’ wants, needs and demands.


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    • Digital Marketing Agency

    A study by Burson-Marsteller showed that social media usage in the Asia-Pacific region went through the roof in the past years, showing growth rates ranging from 107% (South Korea) to 12,305% (Vietnam). More than half of the region’s population is active online, with Facebook the most popular social network. Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan and South Korea all have larger online populations than Australia. In China, more than half a billion people surf the web.

    Za 24 nov 2012, 17:29

    • Patrick Williams

    This isn't too surprising. Given the fact that the population is almost double that of anywhere else in the world.

    Wo 5 dec 2012, 02:36

  • good job

    Wo 8 okt 2014, 09:05

  • Everbody know Social media is the fastest growing media in history, Facebook and whatsapp is new revolution

    Di 5 mei 2015, 08:27

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