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Tue 8 May 2012 14:30, Tamara Yadvichuk, the doodling app is a new app for making sketches and doodles and sharing them with friends. It’s available on the website and as a free iPad app in iTunes. You have a few brushes and colors, and when you’re done with your creation you can share it on social networks with one click. 

The idea of social doodling is not new, though. Grafighters, the game with doodle monsters I wrote about a few weeks ago, in this sense is much more innovative, because it lets you do something previously unheard of. But hey – before you couldn’t really doodle on Facebook or Twitter, and now you can!

Vkontakte, the Russian alternative to Facebook, has had a standard option called Graffiti for years. Actually, it’s one of the choices you have when creating a wall post, along with text, picture, audio, video or document. Graffiti lets you doodle on your friends’ walls and requires minimum effort – it offers lots of colors and the ability to change the size and opacity of the brush, so the sketches look brighter than in, and IMHO are easier to make. Here’s one:

The cool thing about is that it’s very easy to share your sketch on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest. The Russian Graffiti is available only within the social network – if you want to share your masterpiece somewhere else the easiest thing to do is to take a screenshot and save it as an image. What I’m really missing in the new app is the way to see top rated doodles. So far the creators post the most remarkable of them on the blog, but the Popular section is coming soon.

In an interview with Mashable the authors of the apps Evan Vogel and Darren Paul revealed their ambitious plans. Instead of quickly making some money by letting users buy more colors and brushes, they are working on the app’s social features such as sharing and comments. “We really want this to be a worldwide platform that is ubiquitous and can live out potential we believe it has,” Darren Paul said in the interview.

Personally I think that social doodling is fun and I’ll use it even if it never develops into a global thing. Here’s my masterpiece called “Happy sheep”, which I’ve just drawn on the website and posted on the Facebook wall of a certain someone. Enjoy!

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