Mobile Devices and Internet Mobile in Belgium

Mon 9 January 2012 20:31, Gabriel Goldberg

Mobile Devices and Internet Mobile in Belgium

We have planned to write our quarterly update on the mobile internet in Belgium in the first weeks of 2012. But before that, let’s have a look at some other data on mobile and internet: the mobile devices. What’s hot? Which devices are the most used to surf the internet in Belgium? Which brand has success?

Google Analytics Mobile Reporting

In order to answer these questions, we went back to our best friend: Google Analytics. Google Analytics offers these unique reports on Mobile where you can find out a lot of information such as Mobile Device Info, Mobile Device Branding, ...


At Semetis we love data analysis making sense of them and sharing them when possible. We went across all our Belgian clients’ Google Analytics accounts, we aggregated the data and we obtained a representative sample of the mobile Belgian population surfing the web. In terms of numbers, we are speaking about more than 1 million visits between the 1st of September until the 20th of December 2011. These reports and analysis do consider only the traffic on mobile web browsers and not the apps.

Internet Mobile, iPad, iPhone and … ?

Our latest quarterly analysis underlined the importance of the tablets in the mobile web browsing in Belgium. The iPad representing about 40% of the mobile traffic in Belgium, it is logic to see the exactly same figure in the Device report. The iPad was at 41% of the total Mobile traffic. The next tablet in our ranking comes only at the ninth position - Samsung Galaxy Tab. Obviously other tablets keep struggling to find a place on the Belgian market.

Surprisingly or not, Apple is the lion in this jungle. Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod are ranking at the 3 top positions. The iPad (41%) and the iPhone (28%) are far ahead of any other device. Indeed the first non-Apple device is the Samsung Galaxy S II representing barely 3% of the mobile traffic.

Top 20 Mobile Devices in Belgium:


Apple again and again and ...Samsung

Crunching and aggregating the data even further, we were able to establish a Brand manufacturers ranking. It confirms Apple domination and shows how the rest of the market is split between the other manufacturers at the end of 2011. Actually only Samsung and a little bit HTC stand out. The category ‘Others’ (7%) represents the agregation of all mobile devices that were not include in the top 25.

Top Mobile Devices Brand in Belgium:



In 2011, mobile and social was an important focus at Semetis. We have followed their evolution closely to put them in perspective. Mobile is obviously booming but is still limited in reach, usage and quality. Some industries are already making money out of it (Gaming), other leverage it to offer their existing clients additional services, often free (Hello Proximus, informing about the data usage). Regarding the devices themselves, besides Apple leadership, it is important to note how many different devices do exist. We counted over 50 different devices in our full ranking. It allows us to say that the accessibility is improving with cheaper models, different designs, etc. Some models, as the Galaxy S II, seem to have found their place on the market.

2012 should see the rise of Samsung consolidating its second position. But what else? Will HTC succeed in being perceived not only as a ‘Geek’ brand? Will Nokia makes its come back backed by Microsoft? But Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericsson seems to be ahead thanks to Android.

2012, the year of the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5? What about Android? Looking forward to next year!


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