Wolfram Alpha iPhone app: 33,42 Euros

Tue 20 October 2009 14:08, Editors

Wolfram Alpha iPhone app: 33,42 Euros

Wolfram Alpha this week released it first iPhone app. And the 'computational knowledge engine' is asking big money for it. The knowledge engine charges no less than 55 dollars, the equivalent of 33,42 euros.

With the iPhone app users get full access to the Wolfram Alpha web functions. Next to that it also automatically calculates the type of information a user is likely to be interested in based on their location.

The question however is if the use of this application should be worth this much money. Wolfram targets academics and with that hopes to be 'unique'. The small group of targeted users makes it for Wolfram logical to charge the larger amount of money. Wolfram after all aims at replacing the traditional scientific calculators.

Functions like an almanac, a currency/unit converter and a stock analysis tool should trigger academics to buy the application.

The question keeps arising though if an engine with that low volume on the web can ask that much money for an iphone app and get away with it. Especially because you can reach Wolfram Alpha with the browser and get some of its functions for free.

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  • I think that they are right to at least try this price level. I am seeing too many geniuses living in the cheap seats and too many non-geniuses using the clever stuff for no money down. A lower price would mean compromising elsewhere- with adverts or selling data or using data peddled by people with interests other than academic. It may not be the right gamble, but when you are a small player, the last thing to compete on is price.

    My two pence.


    Di 20 okt 2009, 16:25

  • In the App Store on my iPhone it says 39,99 euro's. What in my opinion is way to much to ask for any App. So yeah I don't think they will get away with it. I'm wondering how many people allready have downloaded it.

    Di 20 okt 2009, 16:52

    • Paul

    That's quit a lot...hopefully they can count...?!

    Di 20 okt 2009, 22:56

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