Bing: "Snippets? Already have them!" So tell us!

Mon 28 September 2009 15:01, Bas van den Beld

Bing: "Snippets? Already have them!" So tell us!

Here's the difference between Google and Bing: Google very proudly announced the site snippets last week. Almost immediately blogposts around the world were written on the subject off course on Twitter there were many tweets on the subject.

At the Bing-offices they must have looked at it with somewhat of a strange feeling. It after all is a feature which also exists on Bing. Their feature however got a lot less attention. They  'only' had a blogpost on it on their search blog. Not many responded.

Microsoft is known for their marketing campaigns and strategies but in the case of Bing they seem to have troubles getting the word across. When searching on Bing for "KLM Airlines" for example the third result is a Wikipedia result. Below the result there are four links placed: History · KLM Delft Blue houses · Destinations and routes · Fleet. These links go directly to anchors on the Wikipedia page.

Sounds familiar? Well, its exactly what Google launched last week and describes on their blog. In fact, if you do the exact same search on Bing as what Google gives as an example on their blog, you get the exact same snippet links below the Wikipedia result...


Coincidence? No, not really. Bing and Google will probably have more features which are the same. But somehow Google knows how to create the buzz an Bing doesn't. That's where the difference between both search engines is biggest so it seems. The question is with Bing: why didn't you tell us?

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Comments (4)


    • Ken Headrick

    Your comment is odd in that Bing and Google did the same thing yet you are chastising Microsoft for how the blog was picked up by the journalistic and blogger communities. Both companies announced a feature on their blogs. Interestingly circular in a journalist complaining it is MS's fault when the journalists don't treat MS and Google the same. I would think as a journalist it might spawn a little more reflection than blaming MS for their miss.

    Ma 28 sep 2009, 18:43

  • Hi Ken, good point, but that's not what I was trying to say. I do believe that Microsoft has the opportunities and means to make something like this 'buzz' more. It's not just IF journalists pick it up, it's also what you do about it. Google doesn't wait and sit back, it adresses both journalists and the crowd. If a new feature is released you can find it on different Google-blogs and different channels. With Microsoft it was only the one blogpost which they hope will be picked up.

    I do believe they should have reacted more than they did. It's not a matter of treating MS and Google the same, its about getting attention for your product.

    Ma 28 sep 2009, 20:30

  • Bing did announce it, most recently at

    But they had these links for a really long time now. At least since they launched the Bing brand.

    Di 29 sep 2009, 03:42

  • Hi Barry, yes, thats the same link which I put into the post. They did have it and did announce it, but somehow Google does a better job in getting the word across.

    And why didn't Bing say "Hey Google, nice that you finally did this, we've had it for a while!"?

    Di 29 sep 2009, 08:57


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