Why affiliates must add value & drive for Quality(Guestpost)

Wed 24 June 2009 10:30, Editors

Why affiliates must add value & drive for Quality(Guestpost)
One of the best conferences around is A4UExpo. A4UExpo is organized by Matthew Wood. He is also a enterpreneur pur sang and a very nice guy I might add :). I constantly am struck by his young age and what he has accomplished in his young career,  it's all very impressive.Matthew Wood is Mana...... read more

Ad hijacking:integrate off- & online advertising (Guestpost)

Tue 23 June 2009 10:30, Editors

Ad hijacking:integrate off- & online advertising (Guestpost)
When I think back to the first conference I ever visited I have to think of Kristjan Hauksson. Ad AdTech London years ago he was the first SEO I ever saw speak 'in real life'. One thing that still comes to mind is how he interacted with the audience, something lots of speakers forget to do. There...... read more

Writing Your Best PPC Ads (Guestpost)

Mon 22 June 2009 10:30, Editors

Writing Your Best PPC Ads (Guestpost)
Kate Morris loves to speak at conferences. When I sat in on her talk on SMX London I understood why. She is a natural speaker. Kate talked about the subject she writes about today: writing a good ppc-ad. This is something which many people still underestimate. The post on that talk will be online...... read more

Why Europe Kicks America’s Butt (Guestpost)

Fri 19 June 2009 10:30, Editors

Why Europe Kicks America’s Butt (Guestpost)
If you visit a conference and Judith Lewis is there it's hard to miss her. This outspoken woman goes around conferences like a whirlwind. She doesn't hold back in her talks, which make her talks always more interesting. One tip: if she steps away from the mic: don't tweet or blog what she says ;)...... read more

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A common search reputation management timeline (Guestpost)

Thu 18 June 2009 10:30, Editors

A common search reputation management timeline (Guestpost)
Louis Venter is not the most famous name on this list, but that just might change in the near future. Louis is someone with a lot of knowledge which he doesn't hesitate to share with others, a quality which can get you very far in this industry.Louis is the CEO and search engine reputation manage...... read more

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Mind the Google Gap (Guestpost)

Wed 17 June 2009 10:30, Editors, 8 comments

New AdWords Trademark Policy: Who Wins? (Guestpost)

Tue 16 June 2009 10:30, Editors, 19 comments

Unique series of guestposts on Searchcowboys!

Mon 15 June 2009 23:07, Bas van den Beld, 3 comments

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