Guestposts wrap up: from Trademark Policy to Black Hat

Fri 10 July 2009 10:30, Bas van den Beld

Well, it's been quite the month! We've had seventeen guest posts featuring on Searchcowboys in the last four weeks. And every day it has been a blast.

We've had writers from different background: European, US, Linkbuilders, SEO's and even black hats. We've had some of the 'big names' in the industry and we've had talent which is getting the big name rapidly. But all posts had two things in common: they all had some European focus or connection and all of them were written with a lot of passion.

And especcially that last one makes me, as chief editor, very proud. I'm very honoured that all the guestposters wanted to write for Searchcowboys and also delivered quality! I therefore thank all the guestposters. I hope you as a reader enjoyed the posts as well. I know we will definitely do this again!

Guestposts wrap up: from Trademark Policy to Black Hat

Below you can find a recap of all the posts with a link to the post so if you've missed one you can sit back and read it during this weekend, or whenever you want.

New AdWords Trademark Policy: Who Wins? (Virginia Nussey)
We started the series with one of the young talents who is making a name for herself very fast: Virginia Nussey, blogger for Bruce Clay and host of Synergy on webmasterradio. Virginia talked about the Adwords Trademark policy. She summed up the pros and cons and compared the succesfull trademark bidding in the US to the possibilities in Europe.

Mind the Google Gap (Massimo Burgio)
The angle that Massimo Burgio took was a completely different one. He took a discussion which was talked about at SMX London and made several videos out of it. He had twenty people answer the question: what is the Google Gap? And still many people don't know what it is... The good news: Massimo will be staying on as a cowboy!

A common search reputation management timeline (Louis Venter)
Another new face is that of Louis Venter. His post on search reputation management timelinegot him some attention in the UK. Louis will be staying on as a regular cowboy also! Louis wrote about why you should care about your search reputation management. He pointed it out with some good examples.

Why Europe Kicks America’s Butt (Judith Lewis)
Judith Lewis explained in her post why Europe kicks US's butt. She 'proved it' with some interesting facts and opinions: we have more people, are more capable of 'thinking' globally and has got some leading experts in search. Is she right? Give your opinion in the comments of her post!

Writing Your Best PPC Ads (Kate Morris)
Kate Morris' post "Writing Your Best PPC Ads" went hot on Sphinn very very fast. And deserved to! She gave some excellent tips on how to write PPC Ads. Something that still very many people (even SEO's!) get wrong.

Ad hijacking:integrate off- & online advertising (Kristjan Hauksson)
Icelandic search specialist Kristjan Hauksson came up with some great examples of how campagnes got 'hijjacked' with PPC. He exposed some brands who missed out (T-Mobile) and pointed also at a good one (Barclays). He then gave us some great tips to go.

Why affiliates must add value & drive for Quality (Matthew Wood)
Matthew Wood is very good at setting up conferences around the subject of Affiliates. With his guestpost on Searchcowboys he also proved he knows the subject the conferences are about. He explained why quality is so important when being an affiliate and how to get that quality.

Hello world! There is no Europe! (Mikkel deMib Svendsen)
When I asked Mikkel de Mib Svendsen to write a guest post I knew it was going to be a good one. What I didn't know was that it was going to be that good. His post was right on the mark. Mikkel talked about the differences between European countries and how to handle them. A subject which I'm working on myself a lot. And Mikkel knew what he was saying, he pointed to cultural differences an more. The post went Sky high on Sphinn and was the best read post of them all.

Don't Mind Me, I Was Just Bored (Jane Copland)
She hadn't blogged for a while, she was tired of it. Just as she hadn't swum for a while. Jane Copland picked up both in a couple of weeks time. In her guestpost she describes the similarities between blogging and swimming. It was a post in which all came together. Stunning stuff.

Links, Links and More Links (Dave Naylor)
With the success of the post of Mikkel deMib hanging over him Dave Naylor had to produce a masterpiece to get close to his buddies post. And Dave succeeded. Dave talked about different kind of links and looked at each one of them with an experts eye: what is good, what can you do. A very educational post.

Whom did you wake up with this morning? (Christoph Cemper)
When Christoph Cemper took the stage at A4UExpo he surprised many of us with a outstanding presentation. His post on the same subject was of the same level. Christoph explained co-citation and how tio do your linkbuilding with that in mind. A post of which I learned a lot.

Continuing the Conversation (Mel Carson)
Having someone from inside a company telling about the strategy of the company when it comes to social media and advertising is a dream come true when you are doing a series like this. If that person happens to be Mel Carson of Microsoft you're really in luck. And so we were. Mel talked about the way Microsoft handled the support after the launch of Microsoft adCenter back in 2006. A nice insight in one of the world biggest brands.

Where the European SEO industry really began (Dixon Jones)
Yes, he is one of the older ones in the business and no, he is not a 'savy' old guy trying to relive his youth. But Dixon Jones is a guy who was there when it all started. In his guestpost he took us back to 2000, to the first Pubcon. He talks about who was there. A true trip through memory-lane.

Universal Search: Is SEO As We know It Over? (Anne Kennedy)
Anne Kennedy kicked off the final week of the guestposts. Her post on Universal Search matters was very recognizable. She showed us the differences between continents and how we can work with them. There was no better person than one of the most traveled persons around.

Link building abroad: Copy & paste is not enough (Wiep Knol)
If you say "Wiep Knol" you immediately say "linkbuilding". That's his specialty and he's good at it. In his post he took us across the European borders. He taught us that directories in Europe still can work and that communication is vital. A very good post with lots of insights in linkbuilding for Europe.

It’s the keywords, stupid (Andy Atkins Kruger)
If anybody knows what's going on in Europe it Andy Atkins Kruger. He has lived and worked around Europe for many years. In his post "It’s the keywords, stupid" he talked about international keyword research and usage. He talked about the differences between countries and how you have to look at the way the country uses the different search terms. A must read if you want to work abroad.

Some Misconceptions Regarding Black Hat SEO (Ralph aka fantomaster)
You can't 'just' end a series like this. You have to close it with a big bang. And Ralph Tegtmeier, aka 'fantomaster' was just the right guy for that. He wrote about black hat, a part of the industry which cannot be left out on a series like this. According to fantomaster there are several misconceptions. His best one in my opinion was "Black Hat SEO Will Get You Banned by the Search Engines": you have to get caught first. As Mikkel said: if Matt Cutts is happy with this I doubt, but who cares, this post is the big bang we wanted to end the series.

All in all it was an expectionally good series in my view. Do you agree? But which one was best? Even if I wanted to choose one I think I couldn't, so I'll let that up to you. Tell me which one you liked best. The one with the most votes I will ask to be a regular columnist at Searchcowboys (if he or she wants of course ;) ). So let me know: which post did you like best?


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