Unique series of guestposts on Searchcowboys!

Mon 15 June 2009 23:07, Bas van den Beld

As Chief Editor of Searchcowboys I am very, very proud to announce a very cool series of posts which you can expect to show up on Searchcowboys in the coming weeks. Not by our regular bloggers, but all guestposts from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Starting tomorrow, every day until the beginning of June you can expect a post of a 'hot shot' in the industry. They will be writing about all kinds of subjects, from the Google Gap to linkbuilding and from blackhat to a post about the past.

So what's the line up? Look at the picture, sit down and absorb the names. The full list is after the read more, but just to give a hint: Dave Naylor, Mikkel de Mib, Jane Copland, Mel Carlson and.... CLICK for the full list!

Unique series of guestposts on Searchcowboys!

Virginia Nussey
The first time I met Virginia Nussey was in New York. She was doing some great work on live blogging SES New York. We then had a great talk on her podcast SEM Synergy. Virginia blogs for search marketing company Bruce Clay, Inc.  She also coordinates and co-hosts the weekly WebmasterRadio.fm podcast SEM Synergy. She will be writing about the new AdWords Trademark policy.

Massimo Burgio

Massimo Burgio is a familiar face on Search events in Europe. On the last SMX he was both moderator and speaker. With his Italian style he is always a special treat during the events. Massimo is also a founding member of SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization. Massimo has a very special video post on the Google Gap for us.

Louis Venter

Louis Venter is known to be one of the nicest guys in the industry. Ready to help you out any time and also with a lot of knowledge. Louis is the C.E.O of MediaVision, a specialist search marketing agency with offices in London and Cape Town. He specializes in search engine reputation management. Louis writes a post called "From customer to anti-brand campaigner, a search reputation management timeline".

Judith Lewis

With Judith Lewis another "SEO Chick" enters Searchcowboys. Judith is one of the most experienced SEO's around. She has been in online marketing since 1996 and can tell us all about it on her always very fun talks on events where she doesn't hesitate to tell about her passion for chocolate :). She writes something right up her alley: "Why Europe Kicks America’s Butt". Can't wait for that one :).

Mel Carson

The reason Microsoft has got a lot of sympathy in Europe they can mostly be thanking Mel Carson for it. Mel is Microsoft's Advertising Community Manager. Mel’s role is "to build relationships within the online advertising community" so he's doing a good job :). Mel will be writing about Bing (what else ;) ).

Kate Morris

Kate Morris is one of the Founding Demons at Marketing Demons, a new twist on search engine marketing consulting and management. She specializes in paid search, natural optimization, social media, and everything fun about search marketing.

Matthew Wood

One of the best conferences around is A4UExpo. A4UExpo is organized by Matthew Wood. He is also a enterpreneur pur sang and a very nice guy I might add :).

Kristjan Hauksson

You can't miss Kristjan at a conference. He is always there with either a interesting talk or doing a good panel. He was actually the first SEO I ever saw speak years ago :). Kristjan will look at Europe with his Nordic view.

Mikkel de Mib Svendsen
Another Nordic, but than Danish, who is hard to miss when on conferences is Mikkel de Mib Svendsen. He  He knows to attract attention not just with his red suit, but also with the 'almost black hat' stuff he talks about. Mikkel also his the host of Strikepoint, together with Dave Naylor.

Mike Grehan

A European who is right at home in New York is Mike Grehan. The host of SES London is now working in the big Apple and can share his view on both worlds with us.

Dave Naylor

In Europe and abroad we all know Dave Naylor. His name in the industry hardly needs any introduction. He is already involved with the Calling UK podcasts on Searchcowboys and will now also contribute with a post.

Jane Copland

Where Mike Grehan went from UK to US Jane Copland took the other way around. Last year she moved from SEOMoz to London. With her New Zealand background truly a world traveler.

Christoph Cemper

If there was one person who got hands together on the last A4UExpo it's Christoph Cemper. His talk about linkbuilding was one of the best talks on any event in the last couple of years. We are proud to have him doing a guest post on linkbuilding.

Dixon Jones

Dixon Jones is the Managing Director of Receptional LTD. It's possible you have seen him speaking or moderating at events like SES, SMX or A4Uexpo. Dixon will take us back on a trip through memory lane...

Anne Kennedy

If Anne Kennedy has got a house we are not sure about, because she is on the road almost always. Speaking at conferences and doing global SEO. Wirting about Universal Search is therefore very appropriate :).

Ralph Tegtmeier ("Fantomaster")

One name we are especcially proud on having on the list of guest posters Ralph Tegtmeier a.k.a. "Fantomaster. He will write about "Some Misconceptions Regarding Black Hat SEO", a topic which is really needs attention and who better to give that attention than Fantomaster?

Wiep Knol

One of the big linkbuilders in Europe is without a doubt Dutchman Wiep Knol. Wiep publishes his own link building blog wiep.net and writes for several Dutch online marketing blogs as well. His topic will off course be about linkbuilding.

Andy Atkins Kruger

Finally we have Andy Atkins Kruger, Managing Director of WebCertain Global and a regular speaker of conferences. He is very involved in multilingual search and search across the borders so he should be a great add on to the Searchcowboys content.

As you can see, it's a big list. Every workday we will be posting a guestpost, which will be highlighted the entire day. Off course you can also read them all back in the Guestposts-channel. We hope you will enjoy the posts, I know I will ;).

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