Old Vs New Marketing – 7 observations

Tue 6 March 2012 14:00, Damjan Abusafija

Old Vs New Marketing – 7 observations

The notion that internet marketing will soon dominate ‘traditional’ marketing, creates conflict where there is none. Because of this notion, companies that didn’t put up a site, blog, socialize and adapt payment methods in the past decade, had plenty of last-minute MO-restructuring to frown over. High costs, time-and manpower-consumption which no self-loving company would ever wish upon itself. How does it work, are we missing out? What/who do we buy/hire? While some rushed to upgrade, others took their careful time. Some neglected it altogether and –if I may say so- felt it.

However you or I discuss it, it is obvious that traditional strategy without online representation means loss of opportunity and that an online presence without a strategic approach unfortunately means the same. Something as new as internet marketing and social media, is not always beyond the understanding of those who started and performed without it. Changes introduced into the environment, do not necessarily change the environment itself; despite the new vs. old-issue, your audience is there, your goals are there. Seven observations for your viewing pleasure;

7 observations

  1. Assume that you have more qualities than you yourself have recognized. Find them and make them predominantly visible.
  2. Online marketing implies a new environment, not a new discipline.
  3. Spinning and beautification are obvious in an age where information and your competitors are a click away. Good PR and Marketing should not be considered separately.
  4. The choice is between the standardization of dialogue, virtual interaction, open feedback systems, tailored CRM, operational transparency and corporate accountability.. or the loss of prospects/customers.
  5. Being able to present your company as a person on the web, it must have the characteristics,tone and behavior that make it identifiable as a separate (and ideally unique) person. People recognize your intentions and if these are economical, nobody will like or want to poke you anymore.
  6. Non-sensitive information left out in others’ self-descriptions is crucial. If you can mention positive sides to your deeper MO, strategy and policy development, do it. Giving insight equals involvement to the audience and those who are involved feel that they are taken seriously.
  7. In Anglo-Saxon and Germanic cultures, mass-consumerism is losing popularity to conscious purchasing, dieting and general lifestyle improvement. People move and go outside more. Companies whose policies support the ‘old ways’ of looks and status over content and information, will in the next few years either have to revise their MO or go the way of the Gecko..

If you are impressed by the hype, you shouldn’t be. If you are impressed by the economic and networking potential, you should be. Establishing your online self should take longer, if it will prevent later compensatory spending, departmental destabilization or a flawed messaging strategy. If any predominance between disciplines is the case, it is between commerce and well-being, between people and profit. 

image, courtesy of charlesheflin.com

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