Guestpost Eva Rausch von Traubenberg: 3 main aspects

Tue 12 January 2010 11:00, Bas van den Beld

Guestpost Eva Rausch von Traubenberg: 3 main aspects

Eva Rausch von Traubenberg might be the big unknown for many UK-based SEO's but as an in-house SEO at T-Mobile she sure knows her business very well. Eva is one of the people who is making a lot of progress in the 'talent pool' at T-Mobile.

As an in house SEO she learnes fast and has a very interesting view on search in Germany and search in general. In her post she adresses 3 main aspects of search development who will affect both the German as the English market: Linkbuilding and Social Media Stuff, Real-Time Search results and Personalized Search results.

Eva Rausch von Traubenberg: 3 main aspects of search development in 2010

I want to add my two cents on 3 main aspects of search development in 2010. IMO these matters will affect the english and the german market.

Linkbuilding and Social Media Stuff
Links are and will be fundamental in 2010. Due to the need of having a steady increase of relevant backlinks, there are no short time trends, focussing on building links through very different sources will be necessary and you won´t be successful if you concentrate on one single method to gain links. In my opinion it´ll be more important to be creative and to find the right way to adress linkers to make your linkbuilding activities more effective, whether these activities are linkbaits, link-exchange, social media etc. The different linkbuilding strategies have to be well organized, structured, planned and monitored especially for big websites. Yet it´s also worth to throw a glance at social media, especially in regard to the increasing adoption of social media in germany. The question is how the different social media sites can be used for a company. With the complexity of objectives that can be set for social media activities, it remains to be seen which companies take advantage of social media and use it effecitvely (also regarding real-time search) and which companies fail to implement social media as a marketing tool and focus on other projects. Just like linkbuilding, social media activities mostly take time and demand creativity. Another interesting aspect will be the development of social monitoring tools. I wonder if a (free) all-embracing monitoring tool will be developed in 2010. Furthermore (disregarding the personalized search results) mentions of brands/products etc and tweets or similar on social media sites are going to have a lager impact on the ranking. Therefore it´s also interesting to have a look at the new google url shortener. Will the generated data influence the ranking in google next year?

Real-Time Search results
The real-time search or rather the real-time result-box is currently launched globally in english, now we have to wait and see if and how the real-time search affects the german market within the next year. Animadversions on real-time search are the low precision of its results and spam issues. It´s going to be interesting to which extent google will filter the results and in which ways the results are rated. certainly the algorithm has to be improved and it remains to be seen which factors will play a decisive role in the future. It will be a challenge to discover the relevant criteria of the real-time search and how this can and should be reflected on SEO. Another interesting aspect of the real-time search is whether it can be used for reputation management, i personally can imagine there's great potential in this.

Personalized Search results
Because of the personalized search the SERPs are changing essentially. I think that´s a new provocation for the SEO world and i´m sure there will be a lot of different approaches to solve this new problem within next year. At this point i have to refer to rand, who writes that it will be necessary to rely on analytics for information about the trends and search traffic. In my opinion it will be the main challenge in SEO to adapt and redefine different methods for working with personalized search results.

About Eva:

"Eva Rausch von Traubenberg works for Deutsche Telekom AG, Products & Innovation since 2006. She successfully completed her information- and knowledge academic studies and was able to analyse the topics "linkbuilding" and "social media optimization" for a big concern in her thesis. For more than a year Eva Rausch von Traubenberg is responsible for the supervision of the linkbuilding strategy for several online brands like musicload,, etc. From 2010 Eva will lecture "Linkbuilding" and "SMO" with Jens Fauldrath at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. "

Eva can be found:

On Xing
On Google

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