Guestpost series introduction: great writers, great content

Tue 5 January 2010 10:51, Bas van den Beld

Happy new year!

All you all ready for some great new posts? 2010 has only just started but starting today we are treating you to some of the best content out there. Last summer we did a very successful guestpost series right here on Searchcowboys and this winter we will repeat that series. But with different writers!

Soon after this post you will find the opening post by Disa Johnson. From then on every day at the same time you will find a new guestpost. In this post I will first introduce all the writers to you.

Guestpost series introduction: great writers, great content

Disa Johnson

"Disa Johnson is well-known, especially well-known as a mobile and Web technology expert with exceptional skill at knowing the particulars of how to avoid trouble with search engines. She has been involved in a large capacity with the search engine industry since before year 1997. She has made numerous public appearances since 1999.

Disa Johnson is widely acknowledged as a top technical search-marketing expert and industry leader. Ms. Disa Johnson's expertise helped foster the development of the search marketing industry originally at MMG. She has pioneered best practices and methodology since the very first days of Web search in the mid nineties."

Many of you will know Disa Johnson and her reputation of being one of the best in the industry. I'm therefor very proud she will open this new guestpost series with some predictions which already came through hours after she wrote them.

Andrew Girdwood

"One of the best known experts in the UK search business, he is widely regarded as an industry thought-leader, speaking regularly on the latest technical developments hitting the sector. An internet evangelist, when not appearing at events such as SMX, Ad:tech, Internet World, SES and the Online Marketing Show he spends his time reading patent applications from search engines, monitoring digital innovators and analysing algorithmic trends."

I'm very happy and proud to have Andrew Girdwood of BigMouthMedia join this guestpost series. He has been on my reading list for years and what he says usually makes sense. I did an interview with him last year. I think him joining the series is a great follow up on that.

Julie Joyce

"Julie Joyce is the co-founder and Director of Operations of the link building agency Link Fish Media, Inc., headquartered in Greensboro, NC. Working in IT since 2000 and SEO since 2002, her current focus is on working with clients in ultra-competitive markets around the world. "

With Lisa Myers already on board of our team and with the interviews we did with the new SEO Chicks already done, Julie Joyce was someone who could not miss in this series. She is an excellent writer and will prove so again in this series!

Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter is Founder and Director at - a UK SEO blog written with a passion for helping people and organisations to succeed in search.

I've gotten to know Richard on conferences as a very nice guy, but also someone who knows his business. He is a very well informed SEO who does excellent work. His blog SEOGadget I read with much pleasure.

Joanna Butler

"Joanna Butler is a London SEO and online marketing consultant. Her main areas of expertise lie in building killer online marketing strategies from a combination of any or all of the following: search engine optimisation (SEO), web analytics, social media and paid search (PPC). She also passionate about usability, accessibility and online PR and she adores working for my clients who consist of both large blue chip companies and SMEs. She also loves to speak at conferences about my online marketing experiences."

I met Joanna for the first time over Skype, when doing an interview with her going uo ti A4UExpo. We then met also on other conferences. She is an excellent writer with a fresh chocolate view on matters.

Eva Rausch von Traubenberg

"Eva Rausch von Traubenberg works for Deutsche Telekom AG, Products & Innovation since 2006. She successfully completed her information- and knowledge academic studies and was able to analyse the topics "linkbuilding" and "social media optimization" for a big concern in her thesis. For more than a year Eva Rausch von Traubenberg is responsible for the supervision of the linkbuilding strategy for several online brands like musicload,, etc. From 2010 Eva will lecture "Linkbuilding" and "SMO" with Jens Fauldrath at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. "

Eva Rausch von Traubenberg might be the big unknown for many UK-based SEO's but as an in-house SEO at T-Mobile she sure knows her business very well. And she will prove that in her post!

Kevin Gibbons

"Kevin Gibbons is founder and Director of Search at UK search marketing agency SEOptimise. He has specialised in search engine marketing since 2003 and oversees the strategy of SEO, PPC and social media projects. Kevin also frequently blogs at Searchengineland, SEOptimise and Econsultancy."

Kevin is one of my 'collegues' at Searchengineland and when we talked at the last A4U Expo there was no doubt in either of our minds that sooner or later Kevin would write a guestpost for Searchcowboys. And in this series he lives up to the expectations!

Motoko Hunt

"Since Motoko established AJPR in 1998, she has been working with companies from around the world helping them to enter Japanese market using the Internet. She also has been giving SEO/SEM seminars to promote the concept of SEO/SEM targeting Japanese market to companies and web professionals.

She is an editor at, where she writes Japanese online market news. She is a Chairperson of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) Asia-Pacific Committee, and a Vice Chairperson of SEMPO Japan."

First meeting Motoko Hunt and her husband Bill at the International Search Summit was absolutely fantastic. With a mutual interest in international search we immediately 'hit it off'. It was therefore very nice talking to her again a week after in Berlin at SES Berlin. I'm very proud she agreed to join the series.

Brett Pringle

"Brett started in a basic copywriting role within MediaVision, moving over within a few into SEM analyst role, which incorporated PPC and SEO.

Re-developed internal company processes and strategies allowing MediaVision to take full advantage of the ever changing SEM industry. Improved internal project/work quality and guidelines overall, as well as helping to spearhead new strategies and services which include online branding and online PR. Appointed Director of Search for MediaVision in September 2008."

Another name which is a 'growing name' in the industry is the name of Brett Pringle. This originally South African SEO, working at Mediavision, knows his way around and has been a 'regular cowboyfan' since the start. He therefor couldn't be missed on this list!

Bill Hunt

"Bill Hunt is the President of Back Azimuth Consulting and works with clients to understand the voice of their consumer. Additionally, he is the Chief Marketing Officer of OC4 a start up Cloud Computing Consulting company.   I also try to keep up this blog, do public speaking, and the odd consulting project that does not conflict with my non-compete agreement.

He is the co-author of the best selling book “Search Engine Marketing, Inc.” Driving Traffic to Your Companies Web Site from IBM Press now in it’s 2nd Edition.  He also has monthly columns on global search marketing in Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch."

Equally proud as on Motoko Hunt's presence I am on the presence of her husband Bill Hunt. He is one of the other columnists of the multinational columns on Searchengineland. In Berlin he had a very interesting talk into the future of search. I am therefore very much looking forward to his post in which he looks into his "Crystal Ball".

Ruud Hein

"Ruud Hein is a self-employed web publisher. Programmer, Developer, Consultant, Aid, Help and Advisor. He is happily employed with Search Engine People."

With a Dutch roots Ruud is someone us Europeans can be proud of, he has made it "on the other side of the Ocean". He is a very well respected writer and publisher and a post from Ruud is always a pleasure to read.

Richard Zwicky

"Richard Zwicky is Founder and President of Enquisite, Inc.  He drives the company’s suite of products that are designed to offer search marketers the best set of solutions to address their customer acquisition needs.

Widely regarded as a leader and visionary in the search marketing industry, he experienced first-hand the challenges of a Search Marketer in his prior role as Founder and CEO of the award-winning search marketing agency, Metamend."

I always meet Richard at conferences all over Europe. And sometimes he brings his son a long, which is always a very nice thing. Richard is one of those people who seems quiet the first time you meet him, but who has so much to tell because he has so much knowledge. Listen to this guy, you will without a doubt benefit from it.

Dennis Goedegebuure

"Within eBay Dennis is responsible for Search Engine Optimization of all eBay sites Globally. Managing the in-house SEO team since 2007, developing the long term Natural Search strategy for eBay.

Started at eBay with limited Internet marketing experience. Setting up the Internet marketing strategy for eBay in the Benelux. He was involved in the purchase of and integrating the two teams. Setting up the Internet marketing strategy for Marktplaats has been the primary focus for 2005. Moved to the US into an international Marketing function beginning of 2006."

His blog "thenextcorner" seems to be just around the corner. In fact Dennis is far away from here, he is Search specialist at E-Bay and therefore is resided in San Jose. I was lucky enough to visit the E-Bay campus there once and talk to him there. Originally Dutch he is also someone we can be proud of. Be sure to follow his blog, he makes some pretty sensible posts there.

Erica Schmidt

"Erica is primarily responsible for helping the many Isobar search agencies across the globe increase their revenues from search engine marketing in a variety of ways. As Global Search Director, Erica is responsible for assisting Isobar agencies in launching iProspect branded search engine marketing practices. Also, Erica further ensures that each agency is delivering their services according to the best practices developed at iProspect in the U.S. The GSD schedules, organizes and then teaches “iProspect University” in markets across the globe, and then administers certification tests and awards certification to staff who pass this test."

If you visit conferences world wide you are bound to be seeing one of Erica Schmidt's presentations. As an international expert of iProspect she can be found on many panels. And she always has something to say which will make you think. I'm very happy and proud she is the one closing this series.

The Daily Search Pic(k) will be moved from 12 to 4PM during the guestpost series.

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