Google engineer on privacy

Thu 4 February 2010 15:38, Bas van den Beld

At the Brussels Techtalks Google's engineering lead for privacy Dr Alma Whitten talked about her view on privacy after working for Google for seven years. "learn from the good guys, fight the bad guys, and invent the future." The sound quality of the video is not very good so be sure to turn up ...... read more

Google planning a Online Business Software store?

Thu 4 February 2010 10:08, Editors

Google planning a Online Business Software store?
According to the Wall Street Journal Google is planning on launhing a online store in which it will be selling online business software that integrates with its Web services.WSJ-sources say "the store will sell business software designed by outside developers to integrate and add capabilities to ...... read more

Watch out Apple iPad, here's Google's one?

Wed 3 February 2010 09:00, Bas van den Beld

Watch out Apple iPad, here's Google's one?
Only last week Steve Jobs announced the iPad. He then fired his gun at Google saying that their "no evil" - policy was bullshit and that Google was aiming on competing with them on mobile. Do you think he then knew that Google was making the next competitor of the iPad? A posting on Google's Chr...... read more

Google's social search feature in video

Mon 1 February 2010 15:00, Editors, 1 comment

Jobs: "Google's don't be evil mantra is bullshit"

Mon 1 February 2010 09:27, Bas van den Beld

Jobs: "Google's don't be evil mantra is bullshit"
Some much for the friendly way Google and Apple have worked side by side over the past years. When Eric Schmidt was still part of the Apple board you wouldn't hear a single harsh word coming out of either company towards the other. Ever since Google decided to enter the phone business, and with t...... read more

Cutts: first link doesn't matter THAT much

Fri 29 January 2010 09:00, Editors, 6 comments

Google Social Search goes public and adds new features

Thu 28 January 2010 17:05, Barry Adams, 1 comment

Google Streetview illegal in Denmark?

Thu 28 January 2010 09:02, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

Google vs Apple on CNN

Wed 27 January 2010 09:00, Editors, 2 comments

Google Toolbar tracking you even when you say "no"

Tue 26 January 2010 09:50, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

Matt Cutts on the state of the index - video

Fri 22 January 2010 09:58, Editors, 2 comments

On Google’s Personalized Search

Thu 21 January 2010 16:16, Editors, 2 comments

Germans want cartel authority to stand up to Google

Tue 19 January 2010 09:00, Bas van den Beld, 10 comments

Copyright immunity beckons for searchengines in UK

Mon 18 January 2010 13:45, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

Google introducing Brussels TechTalks

Mon 18 January 2010 09:45, Bas van den Beld, 14 comments

Doesn't Google know how to rank social media?

Wed 13 January 2010 17:22, Bas van den Beld, 13 comments

Censorship: Google considers pulling out of China

Wed 13 January 2010 10:30, Evert Veldhuijzen, 2 comments

And again a German politician fires at Google

Mon 11 January 2010 16:40, Bas van den Beld, 1 comment

How much trust can we have in the Google founders?

Fri 8 January 2010 13:20, Bas van den Beld, 4 comments

The Google Conspiracy - What Would Google Know?

Mon 4 January 2010 17:07, Bas van den Beld, 1 comment

Pagerank is dead, but updated

Mon 4 January 2010 09:25, Bas van den Beld, 5 comments

Google explains 'the meaning of open'

Tue 22 December 2009 14:00, Barry Adams, 1 comment

Only 20% of Google queries are unique

Tue 22 December 2009 11:00, Barry Adams, 3 comments

Google 'dives' taxes on 1.7bn euros

Tue 22 December 2009 09:03, Bas van den Beld, 5 comments

Google bumbs into French copyright laws and gets fined

Mon 21 December 2009 09:00, Bas van den Beld, 1 comment

Flipping European publishers: Living Stories comes to Europe

Thu 17 December 2009 15:28, Editors, 1 comment

France does it on its own, but might hire Google

Tue 15 December 2009 19:45, Bas van den Beld, 1 comment

"Google Ads" in bus shelters in Russia

Tue 15 December 2009 16:00, Bas van den Beld, 3 comments

Face recognition Goggles blocked after privacy pressure

Tue 15 December 2009 13:00, Editors, 4 comments another Google feature or another data-collector?

Tue 15 December 2009 11:00, Editors, 2 comments

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