LinkedIn(4me) - added value?

Mon 7 November 2011 17:25, Ramcy Simoons

LinkedIn(4me)  - added value?
First of all I couldn’t be happier over the fact that all our combined efforts have led to a whopping 131 million users give or take a few thus enabling investors, employees and eager retailers to join hands across Lower Manhattan, anxiously awaiting the ka-ching bell coming November 21st.&...... read more

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Facebook fights back - Facebook for Business

Thu 28 July 2011 13:03, Qin Hu

Facebook fights back - Facebook for Business
Lately, the hottest news has probably been about Google+ versus Facebook. Within two weeks of its release, Google+  had 10 million users, even in the invitation-only mode. According to the fast success, many people are calling Google+ 'the Facebook and Twitter killer”. I think Google(+...... read more

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The Use of Trademark on Google Adwords

Wed 1 June 2011 14:25, Editors

The Use of Trademark on Google Adwords
Is it allowed to put the brand names from other companies on Google Adwords? Many advertisers are wondering on the involvement of trademark on Ads. You will find lots of different answers on this question. Some said that brand name could be used in visible URL; some said it couldn’t be us...... read more

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Google +1 and Google Like

Thu 19 May 2011 15:56, Vitto Christaldi

Google +1 and Google Like
About two months ago, Google launched Google +1, a social sharing button from Google. Yes, everyone who is actively on Facebook knows how it works; it has basically the same concept as “Like button” on Facebook: you like it, you recommend it, and the words are spread. Social sharing h...... read more

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Is Google preparing for an online reputation service?

Fri 25 February 2011 20:59, J-P De Clerck

 Is Google preparing for an online reputation service?
Clement Grygier recently wrote an interesting post on the Influenceon website, a community built with Ning for specialists in the fields of online reputation, social media monitoring and community management. Brygier sums up a whole list of reasons that show that Google could become a player ...... read more

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Google launches Cloud Print

Thu 27 January 2011 19:30, J-P De Clerck, 11 comments

Belgian Internet Success Stories Showcase @ Google

Wed 13 October 2010 15:23, Gabriel Goldberg, 7 comments

Google Instant Launched

Wed 8 September 2010 23:33, Menno Flikkema, 8 comments

Google 12th Birthday Interactive Doodle?

Tue 7 September 2010 10:31, Menno Flikkema, 5 comments

Adwords: What the Big Brands Spend

Mon 6 September 2010 21:34, Menno Flikkema, 0 comments

Google indexes SVG

Thu 2 September 2010 18:29, Menno Flikkema, 3 comments

Semetis develops its rich media content

Thu 2 September 2010 13:05, Gabriel Goldberg, 2 comments

Google combating cowboy agencies

Thu 29 July 2010 18:49, Gabriel Goldberg, 8 comments

Google Grants Belgium looking for volunteers

Tue 20 July 2010 19:36, Gabriel Goldberg, 1 comment

So, how does this Googlebot actually work?

Tue 20 July 2010 10:00, Dennis Sievers, 26 comments

Real Search Cowboys in Belgium

Mon 5 July 2010 18:47, Gabriel Goldberg, 3 comments

Wanna use shortcuts for AdWords Editor?

Fri 18 June 2010 21:32, Gabriel Goldberg, 2 comments

Introducing myself to the community: Gabriel from Semetis

Fri 11 June 2010 12:06, Gabriel Goldberg, 27 comments

Google catches up with digital reality: Caffeine is served

Thu 10 June 2010 18:47, J-P De Clerck, 8 comments

How Google sees branding & your brand can shine in search

Thu 3 June 2010 14:15, J-P De Clerck, 9 comments

MayDay update confirmed by Google - Watch your back..links

Fri 28 May 2010 09:00, Dennis Sievers, 19 comments

Google reveals AdSense revenue share: do you care?

Tue 25 May 2010 18:39, J-P De Clerck, 11 comments

Google’s lessons in dating: SEO and relationships

Wed 12 May 2010 19:17, J-P De Clerck, 11 comments

Google (Search Marketing) Agency policy. Is there one?

Wed 7 April 2010 09:03, Tom Bogaert, 4 comments

Google: "We're the good guys, remember?"

Tue 2 March 2010 18:05, Barry Adams, 3 comments

Google's Personalized Search: is it real?

Mon 22 February 2010 14:55, Barry Adams, 3 comments

Google Buzz is... well... see for yourself

Thu 11 February 2010 15:30, Bas van den Beld, 4 comments

Now Spanish publishers want piece of the pie

Thu 11 February 2010 14:15, Bas van den Beld, 7 comments

Buzz around Google Buzz

Wed 10 February 2010 14:21, Bas van den Beld, 7 comments

Internet Explorer 6: to support, or not to support?

Tue 9 February 2010 21:00, Dennis Sievers, 49 comments

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