Prepare to ride the Google Waves

Fri 29 May 2009 15:13, Bas van den Beld

Prepare to ride the Google Waves

At the same day Microsoft revealed the name of the new search engine Bing, its biggest competitor decided to tell the world they are taking online communication to the next level.

It was as if Google knew exactly what Microsoft was doing when they planned the time and date to announce Google Wave. We probably are article 10.000 about the subject in the last 24 hours, but we would like to give you a short update on what Wave is and when we can expect this new way of communication.

So what is Google Wave? Wave is a 'real time communication platform'. Now there are many of those, but none like Wave. Instant messaging or Twitter for example are real time communication platforms and so are social networking, wikis and projectmanagement tools. Google Wave combines them all.

With Wave people can work together on all sorts of content. Documents, photos, text, maps and more can be shared and combined real time. It's also "live". When you are typing when "on a wave" other participants can not only see what you are typing, but can actually join in. Because this is a 'hosted' conversation participants can enter text within the original e-mail. This way you can e-mail to each other at the same time. Kind of like chatting within your e-mail. According to Google this will speed up the conversation. A nice feature in this is "playback" with which you can see what everyone was typing in the correct order.

Google Wave has got so many features combined it's hard to exactly describe what it can do. The best way to find out is look at this video below. At Searchengineland Danny Sullivan stated while live blogging Wave felt like "Lotus Notes 800.0". And anyone who has used Lotus Notus will understand what he's talking about.

Google Wave will be open for developers in the next couple of month. The API will be open for every developer. What you can do with the API is explained by Google on the Google Wave blog:

"The Google Wave APIs come in two flavors: Embed and Extensions. With Embed, you're able to bring waves into your own site through a simple JavaScript API. For example, embedding a wave in a webpage is a good way to encourage a discussion among the visitors. With Extensions, you're able to write programs, which are packaged as Robots or Gadgets, that provide rich functionality inside the Google Wave web client."

This will lead to a lot of new applications, with the first ones already made: Twave, Google Wave and Twitter combined. Basically its nothing more than your Twitter feed integrated in Wave. However, you can do a little bit more: you can manage them just as if it was a mailbox: archiving, replies and more. Very nice. Other extensions are for example Debuggy, Bloggy (Wave content pushed to a blog), Bidder (for use on eBay) and Ratings.

So, when will we all be using Google Wave? Not for a while I'm afraid. First its up to the developers to play around with Wave. After that it's up for the big crowds in September. Probably US will be up first, so we might be lucky to see a Wave coming by in the last Quarter of this year. And looking at all the respons Wave is getting online that's too bad because it promises to be big...

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    • Sabine

    The guys over at 37signals are going to be livid :)

    it looks promising, I would instantly use it for project management with my colleagues (knowledge sharing, document management, attendance), maybe even connect all customer analytics and adwords accounts.

    On the down side, that's a whole lot of corporate information I'm willing to hand over for a free tool. It's obviously not only the user here that benefits from connecting all the islands of communication.

    Vr 29 mei 2009, 23:39


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