Google facing contact and payment issues for Google AdWords

Fri 15 May 2009 15:36, Jeffrey Bleijendaal

Google facing contact and payment issues for Google AdWords

We all know Google AdWords is an highly appreciated online marketing tool to drive traffic to and conversions on websites. In this context “we”, I mean the experienced Google AdWords marketeers who know the system inside out (but still have to get used to the new interface, but that’s a whole other discussion).

A couple of months ago Google renewed their Google AdWords Help Forum and being one of the regular visitors of the old forum I was asked to become administrator for the new forum. Looking at the fact that I work with Google AdWords almost everyday for the past 4.5 years and I like helping people with AdWords problems I gladly accepted the ‘job’.

Almost a month later I’ve learned that Google has a few particular issues a lot of (new) advertisers struggle with.

1. Contacting Google
Contacting Google has always been a struggle especially for ‘not-agency’-advertisers who do their AdWords themselves. There’s no telephone number, the contact form on the help pages doesn’t work and their help mail address responds automatically that the e-mail address can not be used for questioning.

2. Payment problems
Many advertisers have problems to get their payments done and can’t use their promotional voucher.

I can’t imagine that Google doesn’t try to fix these problems, but unfortunately these problems are occurring for quite a while now and a lot of advertisers are thinking Google is just a fraudulent company with Google AdWords being a big joke. Of course we know how good Google AdWords works, but of course I can imagine why these advertisers say these things.

On the other hand the people using the forum just post their question without first searching the forum for the answer. Many problems are alike and many questions have already been answered. So unfortunately the forum is polluted with double questioning.

Google has also acknowledged the problems by informing the visitors about the problems and the fact that Google is working on it.

“We’re having technical difficulties which cause problems to open the contact form on the help pages. We’ve acknowledged these problems and do our best to fix it. Apologies and thank you for your patience.”

“Delays on IDEAL payments. Our technical team has found a problem for a limited number of accounts. This problem causes delays for payments after May 5th.”

Overall I think it’s a good thing Google giving their advertisers the possibility to show their concerns and frustrations, but I think it’s a good thing to split the forum in a forum for problems and stuff and a forum for optimization and real AdWords questions; like tips and tricks.

More people on SearchCowboys facing these problems or just use the help forum?

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Comments (4)


  • I am a Top Contributor at the German AdWords Forum and can completely agree with you.

    There were quite a few complaints about the AdWords support not responding and you have to tell the users to be a bit more patient and to reply to automated AdWords support emails again in order to get personal support.

    There is also a lot of confusion about the vouchers and the activation fee you have to pay for creating and using a new accounts.

    But really most of the information is already answered on the forum or is available through the AdWords help section.

    My approach is to kindly advise users to make use of the forum search next time before they post their question.

    Za 16 mei 2009, 04:39

  • Yep, we are experiencing payment problems with some Dutch Adwords accounts using Ideal.

    Even though we do have direct Google support the answers are provided are still unclear.

    We did, however, get a very statisfactory solution: Google gave the advertisers a credit to be able to keep running their Adwords campaigns.

    I suggest getting in touch with an agency, link your account to theirs and get direct support.

    Ma 18 mei 2009, 09:12

    • Vaso

    So much for google's "Do no evil" I have used ad words for my business and one day nothing, send e-mails, no reply, tried to call, voice message no support. What a load of shit Google has come to be. A company that steals money from small business

    Di 26 mei 2009, 04:18

    • Simon

    Google really have lost the plot. I have campains running which have been shut down, re-opened, shut down again and re-opened with apology emails left right and centre from Google. (Post threatening emails of course saying that all accounts will be suspended and you will NEVER ADVERTISE WITH ADWORDS AGAIN!!!)They seem to have given all their customer support over to the India gang (cheaper) but the problem is that the left hand does not know what the other left hand is doing ;-) as they constantly send over contradictory emails from one Jahinda to the next. It is a shame as this is becoming the norm and even 18 months ago Google seemed to have a real handle on what their advertisers want. they seem to have thrown us to the lions.

    Ma 9 jan 2012, 15:41


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