Google Now Competes with Siri

Wed 1 May 2013 14:50, Seema Sanghavi

Just this week, Google released its Google Now app for iPhones and iPads. According to the Huffington Post, with this app, the search giant is trying to upstage Apple’s Siri as their app features a technology that performs many of the same functions as Apple’s voice activated assistant. This invasion of Siri’s turf is seen as the latest attempt by Google to lure iPhone and iPad users away from Apple’s services and to its own.

Google Now Competes with Siri

Although the Google Now app is now available on Apple devices, the app actually made its appearance last year on mobile devices using the Android operating system. As reported on Reuters, the app has a step up over Siri in that it can give you information you need before you ask for it. The app does this by getting permission to use your personal data such as looking at such things as entries in your calendar, your location and messages in your Gmail account. The more Google Now knows you, the better it will work for you. However, according to the Financial Post, Siri is still the better of the two apps since she will always respond to you even if it’s to seek clarification. Google’s app can often remain silent. Siri is also more easily accessible than Google Now. By holding down the home button, you summon Siri. With Google Now you need to open the Google Search app and then tap on the microphone icon.


While Google Now is stirring competition with Apple, as reported on Reuters some analysts believe that Siri actually represents a threat to Google Search. Since iPhone users have been able to retrieve information from Siri on common topics such as nearby restaurants, the need to visit Google’s search engine has reduced. The two companies also fought head to head when Apple replaced the Google Maps app with their own in-house app. According to the article, smartphones have created a key battleground between Google and Apple. Now, with Android gaining popularity, this is good news for Google as its services are built into most versions of the operation system.


According to Google, its Siri alternative is smarter since it is designed to learn about the user’s preferences and gives the user information before it is asked. If the technology is working right, Google Now is supposed to do things like automatically tell people what the weather is like outside when they get up so they can better decide what to wear and give traffic conditions so they can plan their journey to work. One main thing that I think may be a hindrance for Google Now is it’s use of your personal data. Many people may not like to share this information. Would you be willing to share your personal data to get the most out of Google Now?





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