Google+ at CeBIT or the other way around?

Fri 9 March 2012 12:00, Qin Hu

Google+ at CeBIT or the other way around?

Have you ever heard about CeBIT? It is the biggest international event for the digital industry, and based in Hannover, Germany. This year, the event started on March 6th. and will end today. I was so happy to have had a chance to attend this year. No doubt, social media is one of the topics and I was certainly not surprised to see a Google+ stage there.

How do you capture visitors’ attention among thousands of stages? Well Google+ has its own way – a social way. To help visitors take pictures with the recognized Google+ circle on stage is very smart and social idea in my point of view. Visitors cannot only get the pictures immediately, but also an e-version. This activity attracted many visitors. Many of them were standing in queue waiting their turn to take profile pictures. If you know me well, yep, I was one of people in the queue :) and it was fun, especially together with friends.


However, this morning when I checked my inbox; I didn’t see my e-version profile picture yet. Instead, I received Google+ email about the updates of my stream. In that sense, Google+ can analyze its market penetration by using this trick. Who has or hasn’t a Google+ page is clear to see. I am wondering what people who don’t’ have Google+ page will receive..

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