Google bypasses Internet Explorer’s privacy setting

Thu 23 February 2012 10:00, Tamara Yadvichuk

Google bypasses Internet Explorer’s privacy setting

After Wall Street Journal reported that Google could save cookies on iPhones without asking their users’ permission, Microsoft discovered that similar things are happening with Internet Explorer. Being saved on the computer, Google’s cookies can track users’ browsing behavior, even though the default privacy settings of Internet Explorer do not allow this.

In case if Google doesn’t stop its wrongdoings, Microsoft recommends using Internet Explorer 9 which has an additional feature that doesn’t allow Google to override users’ privacy settings. For more info, check the blog of Internet Explorer team.

According to StatCounter, Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser worldwide with almost 36% market share, despite the growing popularity of Chrome. This means that today Google knows exactly what at least one third of the world’s online population is doing. Isn’t it alarming?


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Comments (3)


  • cookies can track users’ browsing behavior, even though the default privacy settings of Internet Explorer do not allow this.

    Vr 26 sep 2014, 06:26

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