Google Instant Launched

Wed 8 September 2010 23:33, Menno Flikkema

Finally we know what the bouncing balls were for. Google has changed the game for search in 2010 with Google Instant. Google Instant appears when you login with your Google account to As you type your search query, search suggestions appear below the input field and the search result page changes as you type. Will this change how Google users interact with the results and the impact your Adwords have on them? It certainly will!

Google Instant Launched

Google says that Google Instant will speed up your searches. And in a way it will. But that is not the real innovation for Google Instant. Google is still all about search quality but all the while increasing the real estate for Adwords, just like the did when they added the search types to the left of the result list. With Google Instant, each letter you type brings a new top 10 listing with advertisement space all in the same search session, and all in within the same frame of the user's intention. 

But what will the effect be on your potential audience? Will your expensive, lovingly crafted Adwords on 'head' search terms flash by as the user types in a search query only to disappear in the blink of an eye as they hit the backspace key? 

Google Instant redefines the longtail and ushers in a whole new field of possibilities for Adwords and SEO optimization. I expect to see marketeers buying up a whole string of intermediate search terms just to increase visibility for one search phrase. And what about the creative possibilities of dynamically changing Adwords with each added letter? 

There are still many questions I can think of. Will we need to create SEO pages for intermediate search terms? Do monthly search query volumes still have meaning and will they be measured by Google if the user does not hit enter? What counts as a true display of an ad if it flashes by as the user types? Answer: 3 seconds. What will Bing do, and do we care? Maybe even more importantly, why does Google Instant suggest Britney Spears but not Paris Hilton? A too sexy instant search perhaps? 


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